The cheap Chinese bulb that won't turn off

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Published: 1 week ago
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These LED bulbs will continue to draw power from the mains indefinitely even once they're switched off and the circuit is broken. But how?!

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Have thought long and hard, and not sure if those bulbs that don't glow actually consume less energy (even if it were above the detection level of the equipment of you electricity company) as said in this video, as all that the bulbs that don't glow do is shunting it with a resistor.

1 hour ago

I love listening to Steve talk. His voice sounds so similar to the late David Bowie.

4 hours ago

The problem is that your electrician messed up when wiring up your switch. According to electrical code, you are supposed to switch off the Hot or Live wire. For a LED bulb to do this, you are switching off the Neutral.

9 hours ago

blah blah blah free energy blah blah blah
I actually have one of these in my car, so that's not good.

11 hours ago

Bulb is being powered by electrical cable power loss.

16 hours ago

what brand of that bulb?, i want to test in my home.

17 hours ago

OK, playing with water over all that electric wiring... :|

18 hours ago

I think it's acting as an inductor not a capacitor, and you probably have AC current tuning in those wires.
I would guess that AC current in one wire generates EMF and induces very weak current in the neutral wire causing light to shimmer. The difference with incandescent bulb is that minuscule induced current is not enough to generate light or heat as oppose to LED lights where even smallest current is enough.
- 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Student (not Electrical Engineer so electricity is not my specialty and I could be wrong)

1 day ago

His voice is indeed therapeutic.

1 day ago

I have a 6m long hallway and 2 stripes of 220V Leds with a rectifier. Once all light are out they still have a slight glow to them. Always wondered why.

1 day ago

That Electroboom-colab worked, you now have a new subscriber :)

1 day ago

1.3k Apple users watched this video.

2 days ago

Tesla didn't win, it was Westinghouse that promoted AC over Edison's DC

2 days ago

I almost fell asleep!

3 days ago

Electrobooms channel is a pile of shit and it is a shame you associate with him

3 days ago

love the plane

3 days ago

8:20 "but I know someone who is"
I was like ohhhh shit, here comes BILL NYE!

3 days ago

We have many of these in our home, ......and they do glow when off. The bottom line.......are they causing our electric bill to be unneccesarily high?

3 days ago

I came and described to you because of electro boom!

3 days ago

So its because of induction?

3 days ago

This is inductive reactance forming residual magnetism in that coil of wire which had just become a large electromagnet when you plugged it in. This is just like a makeshift transformer. I don't think your electrons compressing theory is correct -> When you break the electrical connection, the mains no longer has a flow of electrons, and thus can NOT "compress" the electrons in that live wire. Electricity doesn't just push electrons through a wire unless that same wire can simultaneously return those pushed electrons back to its source (via the neutral lead). There isn't even a slight initial "push" to create compression until that very moment the neutral lead provides the "pull".

4 days ago

Only side effect is cancer. It excites the electrons and protons in your cells

4 days ago

That is really interesting! Thanks for explaining!

4 days ago

What if people that have done what is in this video could combine this with hydroelectric energy that also uses the water cycle to essentially create not only a virtually unlimited amount of energy, but also potentially perpetual energy and power as well, and with zero emissions to boot?

4 days ago

@Steve Mould, what happens when you switch the live and neutral? So live goes to the lamp, and the neutral to the long wire.

4 days ago

Good question. I think the light still would glow, because one leg of the 50m cable still has mains voltage.

Having the switch on the neutral wire like that will result in a circuit that works fine, but means the light socket is always live even if the switch is off. That's unsafe.

3 days ago

so thats why my light bulb keeps randomly flashing at night !

4 days ago

@Bruce Kives its actually fluorescent

8 hours ago

Yes, especially if you are putting a LED lamp in a dimmer circuit, or one of those touch lamps.

9 hours ago

Water and electricity my kinda guy

4 days ago

2:09 They put the wrong lamp symbol in.

It’s an LED not a Filament bulb😱😱😱

4 days ago

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4 days ago

Why lightbulbs burn out (why they are designed to do so):

4 days ago