Mikey and Diego EXPOSE Danielle Cohn for being Racist and Lying

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Who’s side are you on in this whole mess? Leave a comment below.


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I’ve never seen Mikey talk this much but...I’m not mad about it 😌

2 weeks ago

Fuxk you

14 hours ago

Do they have YouTube channels? If so wat r they?

18 hours ago

aexotiic “go back to your country” BITCH WHAT 🙅🏽‍♀️

22 hours ago

aexotiic That’s not being racist but ok

2 days ago

Omg I love you 💀❤️

3 days ago

I get its wrong to say “go back to you’re country” but he called her a bitch and thats wrong, no matter what a female did you should call her a bitch period! She said what she said out of anger because she got called a bitch and thats wrong no guy has any right to call a female a bitch. Disrespectful

29 minutes ago

Idek why you guys are going all out on dani because of what she said, there's many many others saying the same thing but y'all juss wanna pick on her like damn. It ain't my fault you can be her

52 minutes ago

lmao telling someone to "go back to there country" is completely racist taking that from a latino and seeing her make a video in spanish I rather her delete that music video because i'ma bout to speak whole spanish up on her ass. or saying that she is spanish is complete bs to me her taning herself does not make her latino or anything PERIOD sis needs jesus

1 hour ago

His eyes tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

2 hours ago

Dis dani drama lame asf

2 hours ago

Ok and wtf wrong with someone saying your name y’all petty getting mad cause someone sad your name so what they ain’t touch you don’t worry about it y’all childish and I’m a child and she right for doing that I know she was being racist but I would’ve said that same thing u don’t call nobody no bitch tf

3 hours ago

she tried to say " my mom
is half spanish " that still dont give you a right to say go back to your country to another hispanic tf she thought this was☠️😭

4 hours ago

I stan this type pf entertainment 😂😂😂😂

4 hours ago

you played kiss or diss with dani bitch

4 hours ago

Lmao all her relationships ended with her getting exposed

4 hours ago

6:00 I mean if they talking shit to her she can talk shit to them period no matter what color they r

4 hours ago

Alright but he shouldn’t be calling her bitch tf!

4 hours ago

she’s so dumb omg... another thing that’s really annoying are ppl always talking crap about jojo siwa “nOt aCtiNg hEr aGe” but would you rather have a young girl act like a thot and immature (as in arrogant), or have a young girl act slightly younger for her age, be appropriate and likable, and be a good person overall? just sayin 🤡🤡

4 hours ago

mikey kinda been popping off since their break-up

5 hours ago

Bruh she can’t be tryna y’all about nobody Bc half of her clothes be baggy asf so she can pipe tf down

5 hours ago

Well for diego...if you can dish it you should be able to take it back

5 hours ago

Tea ☕️

5 hours ago

Jim craw nr 2

6 hours ago

Why is she even relevant like who cares

6 hours ago

Dani: he like my boy.best friend
Also Dani: ok Diego shut the duck up
Me: Wat

6 hours ago


6 hours ago

I think im on mikeys side now.

6 hours ago

I used to love Danielle Cohn but she was so racist

7 hours ago

Who let these kids on the internet

7 hours ago

She started hanging out with some new guy now I think his name is like dustin

8 hours ago

i feel super retarded for believing her that she’s 15...

8 hours ago

Diego trying to fit in the frame in the live 😂😂

8 hours ago

She’s a tick I swear. Once someone breaks up with her or she breaks up with them, she goes to another boy. What a tick..SMH

8 hours ago

Wait..... if Danielle Cohn is 13 that means I'm older than her and she might be 2 fat!?!😝

9 hours ago