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Published: 4 months ago
We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of a hamburger. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which hamburger was the best?

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4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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Is it just me, or does the first burger looks better

2 minutes ago

Emily: Too little interest and attention.
Lorenzo: Just right!
Frank: Whoa! Too much, take it down a notch...Pause and think "What would Emily do?", laugh and then do what Lorenzo did.

11 minutes ago

im so glad frank didn't produce his own electricity

39 minutes ago

Frank: i want my own breed cow...

41 minutes ago

Tbh I like the second Coker’s burger because not only by the Appearance it looks like it’s loaded while the other two is plain but not by fast by the looks of it

1 hour ago

I got a burger maker thats literally the same

2 hours ago

Oh man i strive to level with Lorenzo's happiness 😊

3 hours ago

I'm just gonna say I think they were unnecessarily mean to emily

3 hours ago


4 hours ago

Someone call the psychologist, Emily has an addiction with Ketchup

5 hours ago


5 hours ago

I wanted Lorenzo’s the most 🤷‍♀️

7 hours ago

This is how many people don’t care about level 4

8 hours ago

Did anyone else see Lorenzo inside of an ad on tv about an insurance plan or something

8 hours ago

Nobody :
Frank: makes his own kitchen

9 hours ago

Level 1:I bought this meat from the store
Level 2:I made this my own
Level 3: I Killed my own cow Stewart for this

R.I.P Stewart we all loved you

10 hours ago

is the level 2 chef insane..?

10 hours ago

Level 1: Emily
Level 2: Lorenzo
Level 3: Frank
Level 4: Food Scientist

Level 100: Gordon Ramsay

Level 100000: Spongebobs Krabby Patty

11 hours ago

Level 1000000, guga maybe? How should I know I’m only level 0.3

8 hours ago

Frank: I have the best burger here

Gordon Ramsey: WHERES THE LAMB SAUCE!!??

11 hours ago

Why does the level 4 lady never cook? I wanna know how good she is.

11 hours ago

Emily is the worst cook of all times. The fact that she is a professional chef is Mind-boggling. I would not let her even to wash the dishes

11 hours ago

Let’s be honest, Emily has the skill of a child not to be rude

12 hours ago


Absolutely nobody:

Frank: so I need to go to university and get a degree in mining so I can get metal to make my pan and rub wood for 5 hours to make a fire to shape it and go to a factory to create a electric stove and farm some cucumbers to make pickles and also grow the dill so then I can grow a cow on a very special diet for that maximum flavour and also use the cows fat to use and milk the cow to make the cheese and make vinegar to marinate the pickles and then I am finally ready to assemble

12 hours ago

Why is the level 2 guy even talking? Stay in your lane.

12 hours ago

I would eat all three without any comments

13 hours ago

remember to butter your toast and put the lettuce at the bottom to not make the buns soggy. or you can eat burger upside-down, but if you do that, you're getting added to my enemy list

17 hours ago

Lorenzo's burger looks more delicious than the level 3 chef.

17 hours ago

Nobody :

Frank : As a chef I fricked my own cows

17 hours ago

In the frick chamber

15 hours ago

Lorenzo is like senki from Dr stone. Only if Dr stone was a cooking genre.

18 hours ago

I like how the level 3 chefs have to extend their sentences

19 hours ago