Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES) World 7 (Final)

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Published: 4575 days
They didn't put a 7-3, the game ends at 7-2, but it can be challenging. The Final Boss, Wart, was never seen again. Anyway, the whole game was Mario's dream. I know right? Most original Ending EVAR!!! Nope, never seen that anywhere. To be fair though, nobody saw that coming the first time around. It also gave Nintendo the excuse of saying that none of this was real, so it's normal that this game is so different from other entries in the series. For some reason, the characters standing there at the End makes me think of the first Star Wars (well, I mean Star Wars IV, thanks Mr. Lucas for releasing your movies in a complicated order). Don't forget, if you have requests like for another video game walkthrough or something, just ask here or on my channel or even by sending me a message and if I can make it, there are good chances that I will.


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