Hotelroom Freakout Scene - Apocalypse Now

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Published: 7 months ago
Hotelroom Freakout Scene - Apocalypse Now
Martin Sheen Method Acting
mirror breaking scene

Martin Sheen drunk and nearly naked. Taking Method acting to the extreme, he was truly inhabiting the character of Captain Benjamin L. Willard awaiting orders in a Saigon hotel room. Sheen moved snakelike around the room in bikini briefs, performing karate moves, when he caught sight of himself in a mirror. Repelled by the vision, he smashed the glass. As his hand gushed, he smeared the blood over his face and body. It was the actor’s 36th birthday, and director Francis Ford Coppola just kept the camera rolling. “I was swacked,” Sheen told the Guardian in 2001, “couldn’t hardly stand up.” The now iconic hotel-freakout scene of Apocalypse Now reflects the improvisational alcohol- and drug-fueled insanity that marked both the movie’s narrative arc and the behind-the-scenes chaos of the production itself.


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His real breakdown happened at the same time he had a heart attack later in the filming, his hair went grey, his eyes went grey but managed to continue filming.

1 month ago

Martin Sheen was truly drunk and suffering a nervous breakdown. That breaking of the mirror was NO stunt, he actually punched it and cut his hand up.

1 month ago

Cant hold his drink ....or a cold shower ...pussy

1 month ago


3 weeks ago

Willard's practicing the martial art of Drunken Fist.

2 months ago

having been in Saigon on business trips many times, this scene has a certain poignant tale to tell

6 months ago

Business trips? you asshole stating "poignant" fuck you, you low life piece of shit

1 month ago