Real Reason Why China Wants To Expand

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Published: 1 week ago
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What is the true reason behind why China wants to expand at all cost? In today's educational and informative video, we're taking a look at everything we know about China, it's politics and where it is heading.


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If this is the place you learn about China, you will be so much off from the real China.

3 hours ago

CCP Tencent will now target you......

5 hours ago

China government for thousands of years never changed the dictatorship , always trying to invade neighboring and control Land's and the people ,I like Chinese people ,but don't like China government power grid stupidity and dictatorship control ,is dumb .. one's days you will lose everything commies...

5 hours ago

Taiwan is independent

5 hours ago

Thats why i hate China because spratly island belongs to the filipino

7 hours ago

And skips Inner Mongolia.... Skips SIberia. Skips North Korea. Skips Krygistan..... sigh....

8 hours ago

This Planet will be rename Planet China..,

9 hours ago

They already conquered Tibet & retook HK. Never knew England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ruled TIBET. Hail Britannia!
Those Pradesh tribes look 👀 very Indian to me.

12 hours ago

Can we just have world peace ?

12 hours ago

Money that’s always the reason

13 hours ago

Why would they try to bully the ASEAN countries. I dont see the point of them making enemies everywhere

13 hours ago

You need to hire another narrator. The pronunciation is so bad.

14 hours ago

China is Pure Evil county.

15 hours ago

China is expanding for the same reason that every Empire in history expanded. It brings them power and wealth, and more importantly, makes the subjects worship their leaders. That's the real reason.

17 hours ago

14 ads in 13 minutes, nobody without an adblocker can enjoy the video.

18 hours ago

fake information

19 hours ago

Thank you Mr. Nixon and greedy American Capitalism for reawakening the sleeping dragon.

20 hours ago

Is this an attempt to wrongly pronounce as many names as possible?

21 hours ago

China: its over India, I have the high ground

India: you underestimate my power

22 hours ago

One simple truth why are China and Russia expanding: If China dont expand then the USA will take over the world and Russia expands military for the same reason, US!

22 hours ago

What about East Turkestan?

23 hours ago

The terror in ASIA

23 hours ago

infowar's analysis is not completed. There is also US 7th strike group. US want to dominate Asia.

1 day ago

Same reason why China will explode .... just like ussr

1 day ago

China is the threat of the 21th century!

1 day ago

So many mistakes, not worth watching

1 day ago

india's diplomats are the best! they managed to keep peace after all these eyes between India and China, or maybe they're not, maybe India's nuclear capabilities are what makes China avoid direct conflict. I'm beting on the latter, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe India should do what leftists say: disarm themselves and hope China will do the same...LOL

1 day ago

China is the worst country ever. Monggoloids Chinese

1 day ago

Aah, so we’re talking here about who’s got the biggest empire, eh?

Just give me ... a ... second as I’ll just consult my charts. Nope! Mine’s bigger than yours. Get out the tape measure if you think I’m lying. 😏

1 day ago

I smell demonetisation

1 day ago