Joe Rogan Experience #1322 - Reggie Watts

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Published: 1 week ago
Reggie Watts is a musician, singer, beatboxer, actor, and comedian. His improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. He is also currently the announcer and band leader on The Late Late Show with James Corden.


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JOE! At LEAST, get the fella to play his cool songs on his phone! Reggie, the pancakes song makes my top 10.

24 minutes ago

Those cone-makers are cool, but they're supposed to be noisy as fuck.

46 minutes ago

I didn't want to stop watching,but i need to take a shower.these guys 🤘🏼.my Joe watching started with the dmt by Joe rogan.hooked since 2000 i don't know 😎

4 hours ago

I didn't want to stop watching,but i need to take a shower.these guys 🤘🏼.my Joe watching started with the dmt by Joe rogan.hooked since 2000 i don't know 😎

4 hours ago

Joe is so ideologically inconsistent

5 hours ago

Reggie before Rebillet

6 hours ago

Pat McAfee needs to be a guest

6 hours ago

I ate green split pea, leek, turnip, ginger, garlic, turmeric, himalayan pink salt and pepper soup for dinner with sourdough bread and It was fucking delicious.

9 hours ago

Finally.. a black guest worth watching! 😏

11 hours ago

We need a new tube channel $16 a month is excessive for YouTube and there policies and recommendations are wack . Surely with some of that 5.6mil subscribers money you could make your own platform you have 3 shows already . JRE , Joey Diaz and Ms Pat

12 hours ago

1:52:16 this is what my concept and company brings. My company Sound Innovations design & production is a market i created that gives you the live experience we all search for in our favorite music.

14 hours ago

Joe's never seen a glass breaker haha thats hilarious

15 hours ago

I only listened to this first. I thought this guy was white

16 hours ago

I saw The Matrix in the theater when it first came out and knew NOTHING about it. Best experience ever.

17 hours ago

Joe! Joe! Joe! Here's the thing... you can't gain true knowledge from your experiences. Especially when under the influence of psychedelic substances. And yes, I have done them.

19 hours ago

e znash ovo e znash ono... redži bi lajk BOLI ME KURACC

20 hours ago

The bible says that adam and eve ate a fruit that changed the way they thought. I think that's the definition of a psychedelic drug.

21 hours ago

I think those guys are high

21 hours ago

Joe’s eye lids are at half mass

22 hours ago

We need Chappelle, West, and Tarintino

1 day ago

put a mohawk on this man and this is james harden

1 day ago

Just switched from Spotify to Deezer for my music and happy to see JRE is on there too :)

1 day ago

I'm fackin' dyin up in a bitch

1 day ago

If Cyborg can beat Nunes in a rematch, I think the next logical fight for Cris would be Brendan Schaub.

1 day ago

I have NEVER clicked on a video faster, Reggie is legendary

1 day ago

Joe "I just took 3 puffs of weed and now I don't understand and know about basic sh!t" Rogan

1 day ago

Guys you need to get some Ophora water! Absolute best available.

1 day ago

JRE sucks. too long between episodes. its like 1 a week. Joe Rogan is a lazy sell out fuck who doesnt like doing pod casts and hes a cia shill.

1 day ago

Joe Rogan, the type of guy to have a podcast guest and spend the whole,show interrupting and talking over them

1 day ago

Its fractal. I was sayin that at 1:18:23. Then reggie did. Woah

1 day ago