Boeing's China Problem

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Published: 6 days ago
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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation



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allies? China has no frens, China colonizes countries through debt traps,

32 minutes ago

When folks used "propped up" by the defence industry, it becomes unclear what the industry does. Defence, isn't a topic for discussion when soldiers are dying only when we feel safe. President Eisenhower said "beware" the defence industrial complex, you know the one that gave him his win WW2, it's not unheard of bad contracts being pushed through, on one hand but with a 700 billion annual bill money is flowing faster than can be spotted, until it's too late. The government does not "prop-up" Boeing or any other single company it is just as bad with all contractors, history mostly discovers the screwups but in the meantime, we sleep well and are military has enough bullets. So let's not follow an anxious moment for an old General, work on the value of defence, sleep well and prosper.

33 minutes ago

you're a very naive commentator, u seriously believe everything that China says?

37 minutes ago

China has a much stronger 強 position with boeung 寶行。- 郭天元

42 minutes ago

I generally dislike communists but china took the right decision by grounding MAX. FAA's corrupted behaviour was endangering lives of passenger around world.

2 hours ago

it is not FAA corrupted it is more about the Goverment! he with years give them less and less Money ... they really killing it sslowly! ..and this all because Boeing corrupttion ..

2 hours ago

You mean the US elected a mentally unstable president and now China is rapidly becoming a world leader... ~shocked~

3 hours ago

Boeing 737, the finest aircraft I have ever flown.

3 hours ago

The problem is not china, the problem is boeing

3 hours ago

If Ryan Air or any other non-Chinese airline were to start using the C919, I would never take that flight. I wouldn't trust the build quality.

6 hours ago

"Just by LOOKING at this plane, you can tell it's built to compete directly with Airbus' A320 and Boeing's 737"
uhhh no I did not notice that

7 hours ago

why wasnt taiwan also red?! china No.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

8 hours ago

"we want compensation for choosing not to use your planes!"

typical china...
I can't wait til they build their own plane and cheap out on everything, kill a bunch of people, and blame boeing/airbus because they copied their planes poorly.

9 hours ago

tfw you haven't filled your China and airplane-related video quota

11 hours ago

Again .... a Chinese Communist mentality of stealing other people’s technology to make themselves successful.

11 hours ago

Please make a video on logistics of movie making..for example all aspects of avengers,from star cast to planning to VFX pipeline

12 hours ago

China is a separate planet, the want to build everything

12 hours ago

1:10 where is Asias graph

12 hours ago

China is a good market for Test and Computation PMA Replacement Articles.

12 hours ago

i hate China but i like that they challenge the US when it comes to power, The US always think they can get away with everything so someone needs to put them in
their place

13 hours ago

You're wrong. The max is TOAST.

13 hours ago

Too bad they misspelled 'probrem'

14 hours ago

The world used to listen and take clues from the US FAA in most matters having to do with aircraft operation. BUT, now after the 737 MAX debacle, they showed just how deep they were in Boeing's pocket. (By allowing Boeing to fix and regulate them self) The Chinese FAA will now be the world respected regulatory organization for aircraft.

14 hours ago

When you say Africa, you mean Kenya?

14 hours ago


14 hours ago

China is playing Boeing againt Airbus and Airbus against Boeing.

14 hours ago

Boeing doomed herlsef i mean i watch a documentary that People work with Boeing refuse flying in that plane! because they know how much it is not save! God
i watch some documentary about Boeing plane accident! but what make WTF in contract with country they have No right to blame Boeing if the accident was because the plane not the pilote! LOL

15 hours ago

Interesting to see that now COMAC as 3 orders of 35 frames from Air China, China Eastern and China Southern

17 hours ago

At what point did wendover exclusively become an aviation channel?

18 hours ago


19 hours ago

boeing is dead, since boeing lied about 737 max's safety and blamed it on other inncocent countries. just buy airbus's.

20 hours ago

i watch a show about egypte Boeing plane accident they Blame copilote when in the end it was problem with the Tail that Boeing admit years later and fix it later!

15 hours ago