IT CHAPTER 2 Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Published: 1 week ago
IT CHAPTER 2 (2019), the follow up to IT (2017), the remake of the Stephen King novel, has a new trailer with subtle creepy details. Where is Pennywise hiding all over this It trailer, and how might this It sequel change details from the book? Erik Voss breaks down this It 2 trailer shot by shot for the missable visual winks that make it even scarier once you see them. Why is this new adult cast -- featuring Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader -- the perfect choices for the roles? Will It Chapter 2 be even scarier than Chapter 1? Will these modern IT movies be the scariest horror films of our generation?



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5:23 that pause in the trailer. I f ing braced myself cause i was 100% sure something was gonna jump out of nowhere or penny was cause reveal himself in some horrific way

1 hour ago

not sure what i'm scared of.

4 hours ago

Picture on this corner I’m scared

6 hours ago

Pennywise; ill turn in to your greatest fear

starts to fortnight dance

7 hours ago

Eric you ruined the creepy-smiling- staring-thing at the end because you blinked. You're not supposed to blink. Do better next time...

8 hours ago

Was I the only one who laughed at naked grandma? Or wasn't scared by the first movie?

9 hours ago

I know he’s supposed to be creepy at the end, but his face is too sweet and friendly to be creepy.

10 hours ago

I was at my grandmas while watching the trailer

11 hours ago

Did u hear what he said????

11 hours ago

Great reaction, but i have another point. There are 6 flies on the wall, which symbolizes just 6 kids coming back to Derry. Stan is not coming back, he killed himself after hearing the "we have to go back" message.

11 hours ago

4:20 scared the shit out of me😱

11 hours ago


11 hours ago

4:20 scared the life out of me

12 hours ago

Thankfully the apartment is not really occupied. Otherwise I was going to call BS. Because when you sell/buy a house, it must be inspected. Hence the picture would have been removed and the hole in the wall [more than likely] would be gone.

12 hours ago

Hello Bill Skarsgaard

13 hours ago

Aaaare youuuu????

13 hours ago

Maybe this one will not be a kid's movie.
sees old naked lady dancing
...Ok, nevermind

15 hours ago

When you start seeing flies accumulating at a's time to jet! GTFO!!

15 hours ago

really? it original and remake are such stupid movies.....people really loving this shit?

16 hours ago

That repeated clown giggle.

17 hours ago

12:15 it could also be his childhood home. As you said, his parents died in a fire

17 hours ago

IT chapter 3 they all have kids and they go threw the same thing that they did

18 hours ago

That mama scene fucked me up

19 hours ago

The 6 flies on the window signifies each member of the Loser's Club with one conspicuously missing...the 7th fly, Stan Uris, who is already dead by this part of the book.

20 hours ago

Mic Thorn but when they are walking they are seven adults in the trailer I counted so they probably won’t do that

8 hours ago

"Det er det skønneste jeg ved" Max Hansen med Teddy Petersen og hans orkester 1943 - Translatet

One time just,

Hear this prayer,

that on my lip always burns.

Words that I

So often wrote in pay

a dream so bold and so beautiful -

It is the most beautiful thing I know

On you - on you to think about

and all my deepest love

I will forever bestow you.

To be loved by you must be

a nice dream to wear

Give me your heart

then I promise you

You get my heart again

23 hours ago

The scary part is the beginning of the trailer.

1 day ago

Since they’re adults now the psychological horror will be up x1000. 🤡😱😱

1 day ago

9:35 HELL YEAH ITS GONNA BE SHOCKING. this movies really gonna mess with your mind.

1 day ago

During the trailer, did anybody else think their phone was glitching when the old lady’s face froze? 😂

1 day ago

what happened to the water/tea in the novel?

1 day ago


15 hours ago