Virat Kohli Sarfraz Funny Moment at World Cup 2019 Press Conference

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Published: 5 months ago
10 Captains attending the Press Conference of World Cup 2019 | One of them going to take the Trophy home | Who do you think ?

Credit: ICC World Cup 2019 !!

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Dhawan Hafeez Won the Hearts | This is called Sportsmanship | India Pakistan Friendship moment ->/vid.html?ud

3 months ago


1 month ago

Other teams captain said....
Hum kya yaha pe jhak marne ke liye aye hai...

15 hours ago

Sarfraz is more intelligent that's why he didn't speak enough but spoke everything by stealing virat words

3 days ago


4 days ago

Pakistani players are always like this, simplicity of their lifestyle reflects in every public interaction...

6 days ago

“I already changed my WhatsApp number very soon” is it past sentence or future sentence...he mixed up both the sentences...did not understand if wanted to say that he has changed his number already or he is going to change it very soon

6 days ago

my two favourite players in the world kohli and babar

1 week ago

From india knowing english is not a big thing but it how much talented you are in your work and Sarfaraz is a simple guy if he plays good cricket that's all matters

1 week ago

Who is watching it after World Cup

2 weeks ago

Only for Virat

2 weeks ago

Morgan is very handsome and good

3 weeks ago

Sarfaraz is speaking like vadivelu! 😂

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Sarfraz Ahmed like
Virat kholi comments

3 weeks ago

4.55 sarfaraz be like I will kill you 😅😅😅

3 weeks ago

Sarfaraz Huge struggle to speak English but I like his simplicity and I also like Williamson nobility Virat Kohli smart all of these love u 😘😘

4 weeks ago

🤒🤒🤒 very funny 😂😂😂 sarfraj

4 weeks ago

Sarfraz prime minister 🤣

4 weeks ago

My answer also the same. Hahaha....

1 month ago

Sarfaraz Is Such A Calm Player In Both Personal And Professional Lifes , RESPECT FROM INDIA DUDE ♥

1 month ago


1 month ago

Virat looking very smart all captain everywhere.also a good consistency Batsman .

1 month ago

Sarfaraz my favorite pleyer

1 month ago

My answer also same

1 month ago

See to Finch like a wanted

1 month ago

Sarfaraz is such a simple guy .....😂😂😂 i find him very cute with his answers...

1 month ago

Sarfraz did a great job. Smiling even though he was so nervous. Love from indian living in canada.

1 month ago

My comment is same 2 same ...No difference 😊😊
Sarfaraz : my answer is same..

1 month ago

Virat ka attitude high level

1 month ago

Sarfraj is so respect not make jokes.he knows his language.he doesn't need any foreign language to speak.

1 month ago