LAST TO STOP EATING BANANAS Challenge *family meltdown w/ The Norris Nuts

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Published: 1 week ago
Also Diss tracks, Txunamy's present, Papa news about Naz Guinea Pig. Watch next WHICH KID MAKES THE BEST TIKTOK LAST TO LEAVE THE BEDROOM LAST STOP EATING CARROTS Watch all to be a LEGEND

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In this video of Last To Stop Eating - this time Bananas - we find out who can win a game of Last To Stop Eating Bananas. This is a very similar challenge video to Norris Nuts Last To Stop Eating Carrots. There is a cash prize of $1000. for the winner. And there are also some prizes along the way if you get 4th or 1st. For example for 4th you get to order a salad sandwich and then for 1st place in the challenge you get an unlimited order. Biggy also opens Txunmay from Familia Diamond's packaged gift from USA in this video. There is also a letter from Txunamy. Sockie and biggy make a diss track in a rap battle against each other. Sabre and Na also are upset about something- so you'll have to watch to see what it is and how they work their way through it. Papa also gives us some news on Naz getting a Guinea pig. The last one to stop eating Bananas will be the winner. You are allowed to have water and you can eat anything else at anytime. See if the Norris Nuts can last 24hrs - hint * they do last over night.

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