Phone Water Cooling is REAL! But does it work?

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Published: 1 week ago
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Should YOU try water cooling your phone? Why would anyone even want to do this? Let's find out...

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@2:16 is that a Zenfone 6?

16 minutes ago

So much for mobile gaming

2 hours ago

Water cooling will work every where, with condenser and radiators, its cool down and maintain auto engine temperature, mobile temp is joke in front of engines temperature.

5 hours ago

a mobile "gamer" ahaha riggghttt

8 hours ago

I have a question for anyone who has experience with building pc's or linus but who knows if he'll answer. I just got my gaming rig back a few weeks ago after not playing for a year, it looked fine minus some dust so I cleaned it up with air duster plugged it in to the wall and when I hit the power switch on my case a flash came out of my psu and the smell of burnt something, I inspected my setup for damage I didn't see any blown capacitors or burn spots on my mobo,gpu or ram. I bought a new psu, case, and ssd yesterday transferred everything over and hooked it all up, mobo standby lights are on, I go press the power button and everything with lights flashes just for a split second but nothing starts up. Any one have any ideas? I already checked all my connections and they're solid, psu and all cords except my sata ones are brand new, I tried clearing cmos, I tried booting up with no peripheral, I double checked my power switch connector was on the right prongs. I'm thinking maybe my cpu or my mobo is fried or I just got a bunk psu

10 hours ago

Buuuut, having something that cool on the back of the phone Will degrade the battery overtime...

11 hours ago

Thermal pat goes between the phone and plate, not the phone case and heat exchanger.

12 hours ago

So wouldn't holding a gel ice pack to the phone be more effective and cheaper, even if its less "permanent" option?

12 hours ago

I use an iphone so i dont have this problem

13 hours ago Awsome thanks for sharing 😊

14 hours ago

Why do they not invent a new case inbuilt water cooling that WOULD be cool.

14 hours ago

Yeah nice try.. 😅

16 hours ago

Put that mobile in freezer for 5 min and the rest you now

16 hours ago

these are ridiculous but a heatsink built into a dock when u play the phone using a controller would be useful

18 hours ago

"Thunk" ?

18 hours ago

Didn't test the smaller ones?!?! I need to know!

19 hours ago

hair lol

21 hours ago

Totaly useless video =-= you guys just run out of ideas dont ya..i buyed new smartphone along with friend 8 years past my friend has purchases 5th cellphone now And je asks me how come i still have mine and it still works just fine my answer i dont play mobile games.

1 day ago

I need one of those my phone overheated in the middle of the video! Just kidding pretty cool tech though for the hard core phone gamer.

1 day ago

Love the videos but you guys are always terrible at getting phones to heat up. Benchmarks won't get it as hot as real world heavy use. My phone can benchmark pretty consistently but that's because I'm not trying to stream at the same time. If I take a battle royale game like cyber hunter, max all settings and set it to 60 fps AND play the game using only my 4G LTE for a couple hours it gets stupid hot.

Or play a huge moba battle royale game like survival heroes maxed out 60 fps while on 4g and using YouTube picture in picture in the corner and it gets even hotter.

But to get it the absolute hottest, if I try downloading huge files from either cloud storage or via torrent and try to play a game of cyber hunter maxed out 60 fps while on LTE it will get dangerously hot. Like much hotter than I imagine it's ever supposed to be and it can actually burn you to the touch.

But in a realistic use of 4g gaming on cyber hunter I still need to turn a bunch of settings down for it to not hurt my hands while playing.

And again my phone never gets this hot using the same benchmarks they did in this video. Even if I ran it 7 times back to back.

I'm using a Huawei Mate 20X with a kirin 980.

Just my thoughts on the matter 🤷‍♂️

Love the content regardless 🙏💪

1 day ago


1 day ago

How do you expect me to use this in my bed?

1 day ago

My phone heats to untouchable temps from the outside a few times aday. Just by charging and watching YouTube for hours. Ambient is high tho. And I just run my phone under tab water for a few seconds to get it again.

1 day ago

After Gaming I put my Phone into freeze and it works 😄.... You Should try ..

1 day ago

Wow. You have 25% better performance for buying like stuff for 200 dollars and not having fun holding your phone anymore

1 day ago

Not enough loops in any of the designs. More loops means more heat transfer and higher efficiency.
Works best on aluminum backed phone bodies.

1 day ago

Just put in the freezer

1 day ago

My phone already got water cooling. I got the note 9

1 day ago

LMAO A water cooled phone, only on Linus tech tips.

1 day ago

Mobile "gamer". Such a joke.

1 day ago