An Uncomfortable Trip to the UK

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Published: 3 months ago
The UK was great and i had a time

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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it


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i thunk it

2 hours ago

So when somebody steals your wallet you can shout I peed on that

4 hours ago


6 hours ago

WHAT did she just say "I peed in my wallet"

7 hours ago

7:57 “but I THUNK it” me: “but I THOUGHT it”

8 hours ago

You should get a hoodie with giant pockets to put your phone and wallet and stuff

8 hours ago

PLEASE tell me u washed that wallet?? Naw, u had to have right?

8 hours ago

Hi jaiden

9 hours ago

He must be a sexist jerk

11 hours ago

I was looking for my keys when you said you lost your wallet in the toilet I have this toy toilet I looked in and... there was my keys

13 hours ago

0:45 that poor shrek

Someone plz kill him

13 hours ago

3:34 why u aint flush the toilet.

13 hours ago

0:34 1:08 Why is there a noose?

13 hours ago

Love how jaidens face at 3:13 looks like she's preparing to fight the final boss

14 hours ago

Shrek's Reply:
Could you not pee on your wallet, FOR FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!

16 hours ago

I went to England in summer and it was AMAZING I am very jealous of anyone who lives there

17 hours ago

So this is why mom doesn’t let me eat when I touch money and says to wash my hands.... ,O^O,

18 hours ago

If I ever meet jaiden one thing I'm not doing is shaking her hand because she touches the wallet everytime she pays for things

18 hours ago

1:28 me at a party

18 hours ago

Waitt, if the wallet's still there... then that means... Jaiden didn't flush🤔🤨

21 hours ago


1 day ago

El de los subtitulos en español latino es un payaso xD

1 day ago

I would have said that I needed to go to the bathroom and never come out until I think it’s safe...
Also works to get out of class in school (hell)

1 day ago

That was pewdiepie brofisting you.. It also looks like him.

1 day ago

6:00 is that pewdiepie

1 day ago

so i peed on my wolit

1 day ago

Buy new pants lady

1 day ago

In my mind the UK is just tea

1 day ago

People make women's jeans pocket tiny so that women have to buy bags

1 day ago

w e i r d o d e t e c t e d

1 day ago