There are gonna be some BIG changes around here...

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Published: 1 week ago
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We're FINALLY getting a real workshop space... and oh man, it's gonna be SICK.

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Check out all the gear we unboxed at

1 week ago

Needs more Anthony, whiny linus shut it

3 days ago

As additional income take in side jobs for your new shop.
Make videos about it.
Linus workshop tips.

4 days ago

The engineers at Milwaukee Tool know their shit lol. Good choice, seriously.

4 days ago

Great job Linus, this is the road to build as much as you enjoy like: every f* thing and I love this. You have my dream workshop and I'm pretty envy. Great job, well done. In this case after playing for a while with all the machines and stuff you should invute : this is old tony to show you some nice tricks and tips, he may bring you to the right path. Please put as soon as possible new content from this workshop building something. Oh and stay away with your fingers and unexperienced and unauthorised personal into that room.

5 days ago

how expensive is taran

5 days ago

I feel like you should do a new tour of LMG offices, a lot has changed

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

I feel like Linus is way too sassy to be a Canadian on the internet

3 hours ago

Next video title
“Alex quit :(“

4 hours ago

I don't know why you haven't bought Alex a proper CNC mill yet... selfish much?

4 hours ago

Y’all should invite AVE over to play with all those new toys. Canadian enginerding party

4 hours ago

Alex ripped you off xD

5 hours ago

I got a man boner when he pulled out those Milwaukee tools.

5 hours ago

let's face it. He used you to build his personal dream shop :D hahahaha.

5 hours ago

Alex: Linus, how many tools and machines can I order?
Busy Linus: Yes

6 hours ago

I bet pro engineering machines are expensive but no way near what pro video gear costs.

I dont think anyone can top Brandon in his expenses.

7 hours ago

Linus: Test indicator... test of what? (Opening box)
Alex: This is a super-dooper precise instrument. (Smartly removes from Linus hands before he drops it)

9 hours ago

There is metal work shops baging fo that good quality tools, and you buy for just in case. That is the best CEO

9 hours ago

I wanna see the next part of this really! Looks good! Got same vibes like when watching "moving the office" series!

10 hours ago

Are you going to open a Maker's Space or are you going to barely use any of that useful equipment? Seems like a poor investment if all that equipment doesn't get used, which it inevitably won't. :(

17 hours ago

did alex hit puberty, his voice sounded deeper

17 hours ago

So when are you gonna start manufacturing cases?

23 hours ago

LOL Linus face when he finds out the best tools were made in the 60's/70's

1 day ago

Excellent shop buds!

1 day ago

Me the whole video: Linus pls don't hit anyone with the knife scissor.

1 day ago

To be an employee so valued you get every tool you ask for...

1 day ago

You know now you're gonna have to adopt GMPs and SOPs to keep your workers safe, right? You're gonna need a safety manager of some sort who can make sure someone doesn't hurt themselves around this equipment.

1 day ago

I'm so proud Linus Tech Tips is representing the Canadian Tech World, We Need More Fellow Canadians.

1 day ago

i wanna work with all those tools

1 day ago

Wish I would there lol

1 day ago

Linus Alex an engineer is not a machinist. If you want the projects to be less jank hire someone who was taught more than how to push buttons. Alex seems like a nice guy not trying to bash him but fancy tools arent everything when it comes to making nice things. That said enjoy the new toys

1 day ago

Linus Machine Shop?

1 day ago

Canadians FTW

1 day ago

eye wash station? never heard of it... i think we use the beer keg for that in our shop

1 day ago