I Went To Hawai’i With No Clothes • Ladylike

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Kristin goes to Honolulu with an empty suitcase (and Jen!) and has to find two complete outfits for a day look and a night look.


‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Manaola Hawaii


MW Restaurant

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comment  Comments

Jen is on another level this time around whispers i love it

2 hours ago

Dude I was there when this was posted

3 hours ago

They are too cute 😆

4 hours ago

You guys’ pairing is sooooo perf!

4 hours ago

You guys should go to Miami :))

6 hours ago

can jen just marry me already? pleaseeee

7 hours ago

Damn Jen is too cute

9 hours ago

I love this series 🙌🏻❤️

10 hours ago

sick jen= even more gay and freakier jen.. I’M LIVING

12 hours ago

You should go to Mexico next but don't forget to take Jen.Jen is funny and cool

14 hours ago

I literally stayed at that hotel in Hawaii!

15 hours ago

As a plus size woman, love ALL of this. But, would love to see how much the clothes are. It's nice to see that more shops are catering to us, but can you do it on a budget?
Also, shout to Jen-- love her!

15 hours ago

Plus, PLEASE come to DC... I have no idea where to shop here outside of Eloquii and Torrid

15 hours ago

Mexico you should go to Mexico

16 hours ago

You should come to QLD, Australia

20 hours ago

These clothes are gorgeous!!!!!!

1 day ago

Not to be weird but like Jen was being a teeny tiny bit sexual towards Kristen just I already know it’s just me any ways good video tho 🙂

Or they are just that close not an expert tho

1 day ago

Please come to Houston!

1 day ago

I love how Jen and Kristen are polar opposites but are best friends

1 day ago

Jens face at 2:57 I can’t even handle it

1 day ago

I said it in the last one, go to a small town in the middle of nowhere or better yet, Japan or Korea. Good Luck finding plus size clothes in Korea!

1 day ago

Jen needs her own talk show

1 day ago

things I enjoyed in this video:
✅ Amazing, local store with beautiful clothes
✅ Shop owner radiating peace and love, also hella funny
✅ Boppin' outfits on Kristin
✅ All of Jen's comments
✅The 8 jobs everyone had to do
✅ Me wondering when I'll ever be so lucky 😭

1 day ago

You should go to Aruba

1 day ago

Love that blue dress and the black swimsuit!!

1 day ago


1 day ago

“Censor the boobs, the boobs look to good”

1 day ago

“I knew I loved you before I met you”
Everyone with a crush on Jen

1 day ago

Kristen was serving it up she looked gorgeous ❤️💕; and omg I love Jen she's funny 🤩

1 day ago

Please go to France! I think it would be fun to see Kristen and Jen there.

1 day ago

Jen is so attractive i love her

1 day ago