Stephen A. wishes for a Lakers vs. Clippers WCF showdown | First Take

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Published: 1 week ago
The Los Angeles Lakers potentially facing the LA Clippers in the Western Conference finals is top of mind for Stephen A. Smith ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season.
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comment  Comments

NOBODY besides some ESPN producer wants to see the Nuggets win. 😂

15 minutes ago

Forgot to say you wanna see jack Nicolson and Billy crystal 😁

27 minutes ago

😂😂😂 Will on meth, acid or something

1 hour ago

Nets vs lakers IN THE FINALS

2 hours ago


3 hours ago

2019 NBA Champions

3 hours ago

Why not the TORONTO RAPTORS!!!!!! Let's Go RAPTORS Win Win win

3 hours ago

Stephen A is full of shit lol.

The Warriors made 5 straight finals and were there last year. Them somehow beating everyone to win it all again(even though it seems highly unlikely) would be just plain boring..

Clippers, Lakers, Rockets, Nuggets, Sixers, Bucks, Jazz, Warriors, Blazers all have a case for being contenders..
But it wouldn't be parity if the Warriors were the franchise out of that bunch that won another title, historically.

7 hours ago

Why in god's name does anyone think that the Celtics will be any good? They lost Kyrie and Horford and they weren't even contenders last year!!!!!!

8 hours ago

Man, can you imagine if they made NBA JAM based on this season?!

8 hours ago

Stephen.a is low key funny.

8 hours ago

Of course he wants to see his boyfriend in the WCF. Both he and shannon were miserable without their boo thang in the postseason. It ain't gonna happen though, too man teams got better and have way more cohesiveness than the patchwork ass lakers. They ain't gonna beat the clips, the ain't gonna beat the nuggets or rockets, hell they might not even beat the jazz! I predict 2nd round exit

8 hours ago

4:05 LmAo🤣🤣🤣

9 hours ago

I think Molly and Ryan Hollins should get a show together, and just interrupt the fuck out of each other with nonsense

18 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

19 hours ago

ESPN on ABC 2020 NBA Finals
Lakers vs Bucks

1 day ago

I would like to see These sport analysis rimming Lebron since they like him so much. Lol

1 day ago

Kly an Steph best duo with green. Add melo. Game time

1 day ago

Stephen A. Got more voices then Kendrick

1 day ago


1 day ago

let's see the Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors in the finals just so we can ruin Stephen A Smith's day, he is usually wrong anyways

Harden & Westbrooke vs Klay, Steph & Dray

1 day ago

This year is gonna be crazy. Bandwagon fans can go back to their respective teams.

1 day ago

Steve A. is funny as hell while speaking the truth. 4:02-4:15 that shit had me rolling

1 day ago

Will Cain is right on the money. I did not watch 16 and 17 finals. I will watch all playoff series this year.

1 day ago


1 day ago

Its krazy how every team thats not the thunder feel like they can win a championship because Kevin Durant gone

1 day ago

Mr A dont wanna see thy Symbol?

1 day ago

@ 4:17 SAS almost said the Cowboys 😅😂🤣😅😂
He's secretly in love with Dem Boys!!!

1 day ago


1 day ago


👇 want to see you with CBS sports.

1 day ago

I’m a lakers fan but IF they CANT win it all. I want to see Steph win as a mongoose. The snake has left.

1 day ago

2:09 WTF 😂😂😂

2 days ago