Repaint! Nyx the Dark Dragon Custom OOAK Doll

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Published: 1 week ago
As mysterious and dark as the night sky, Nyx is here to accompany Aurora and launch the dragon series! There sure are a lot of ups and downs with this one… She and Nova will probably get along great.

Thank you Charlie Sparks for the logo redesigns!! He was a joy to work with. I highly recommend his services if you're in need of graphic designs.

Aurora’s video:

Doll clothing patterns here:

Nylon Doll hair from
Reroot-tool and Galaxy Glue - from
Acrylic Paints - Liquitex
Matte Varnish
Liquitex High Gloss Varnish
Watercolor Pencils
Kneaded eraser
Mr. Super Clear Sealant (wear a filtration mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
iDye Poly (polyester fabric dye)
Popsicle sticks
Apoxy Sculpt
Epoxy glue
Various wires
Various sandpaper grains
UV resin
UV resin glow-in-the-dark powder
Silicon resin mold
Fabric paint
Dremel Tool

Mentioned in video:
Dolls Brand-New Look
Instagram user @cas.wolf_

Stock images provided by:

Musical tracks provided by:
Dylan McCoy


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You should get a BTS doll and repaint it. Their bodies move good. Their feet also move. They just have a really unique style of doll

9 minutes ago

I really really like it, and I think the doll it's self out stands the drawing.

9 minutes ago

She seams like a mother figure for the group. I kinda get the other figure fro the look in her eyes and on her face.

15 minutes ago

coolest doll ive ever seen ❕

20 minutes ago

i really want Nari and Irene clothes pattern but im bad at school...

36 minutes ago

What do think is the most satisfying part of her doll-making process???😕 I always enjoy her either putting the new, and beautiful hair, or her painting on the facial details.

38 minutes ago

Would it have been possible to attach the tail lower on her body? Like where the actual tail bone would be or just only slightly higher, or where the legs an issue there? It just looks a little odd to see a tail coming from the middle of the dolls back...

40 minutes ago

I like how nyx came out, the tail, I think you should have use the same fabric as you did the wings, but curl the fabric up so you don’t see the bulk

43 minutes ago

I think this doll looks better than aurora

49 minutes ago

Maybe you could've used a different fabric on the back of the wings with more structure+ adding interfacing so its not as ... Slouchy.

Could've also done iridescent organza and black layered with fairy lights inside

1 hour ago

10:31 walk a mile in these loubertins😂

1 hour ago

I think you're being too hard on yourself... you tried something new, made some mistakes ( isn't that how we learn?) and I think shes beautiful ❤❤❤

1 hour ago

Your voice subtly reminds me of Veronica Sawyer's voice in Heathers: The Musical and I don't know why

Love your content btw

1 hour ago

The doll itself turned out VERY cool, despite the issues with the dye and the feet! The feet and horns are my favorite thing about this doll actually!!

I do agree with some of your points, like the wings looking quilt-y and the fabric on the tail not being quite right (and the tail being slightly too big), but overall it's still a really cool doll and everything works nicely together!!

The way I see it, if you ever wanted to revisit her, you already know what to do! Printing the ombre fabric that you want is a fantastic idea, and for the wings, maybe a concave scallop vs a convex one would suit her better, which I know is fairly similar to Aurora, but it would have the rounded look and not look so puffy.

Even so, I still wanna stress that this is a SUPER cool doll, and I'm so glad you went with this concept! 🖤💜💙

1 hour ago

I actually love her!! I think she's a beautiful doll as well as a good learning experience! Maybe next time theres a crack in the face instead of trying to hide it you could incorperate it? The japanese have a tradition of fixing broken pots with gold colored glue to make them even more beautiful! You could have followed the pattern of the cracks and turned them into constellations!

1 hour ago

Do more spooky hallaween dolls

1 hour ago

hey dollightful i have a new doll idea for you you should do a gudetama doll i think it would turn out so cute i got this idea from a new plushie i got of him DONT FORGET THE EGG BOOTY!!

1 hour ago

This is kinda scary but also really cool

1 hour ago

You didn’t disappoint us

1 hour ago

Your neighbors probably think you’re satanic. Also, it broke

1 hour ago

I think because you worked on it so long, a lot of things broke or didn’t go to plan and the fact that this isn’t your regular style are all factors of why you aren’t as happy with this doll as you SHOULD be. SHES GORGEOUS and you should be proud of yourself for sticking with it even though you aren’t satisfied with the results. <3

1 hour ago

I love your channel and I wish you got more attention

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

Why don't you just buy a doll then recreat the same design but better?!?

2 hours ago

You should make your cat an outfit

2 hours ago

You should give them all Greek names!

2 hours ago

It could be better but I still like her

2 hours ago

DOLLIGHTFULL!!❤️❤️ there’s LOL dolls now!!! Don’t forget to check them out!❤️❤️

2 hours ago

What if a blind person watched this and thought she was a pyscopath that was working on a human 😂

2 hours ago

What do you mean it be butiful

2 hours ago