OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing + Review!

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Published: 6 days ago
Unboxing and testing out the new OnePlus 7 Pro phone!

Snapchat: iJustine


Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:


nioj/vid.html?lus #oneplus7Series #unboxing

*Not sponsored, but OnePlus provided this phone in advance of the launch for review purposes*


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Really Awesome

56 minutes ago

Omg .....u dont even know that vivo and oppo have already pop up cameras and one plus is also a company of bbk electronics........they are tedring everything on primary phones and they start preparing models in famous brands

5 hours ago

I've noticed several reviewers are getting impressed by the the pop-out (pop-up?) camera. Here in Asia several brands have been implementing it. It really shows how American market works. Interesting.

5 hours ago

Most helpful information front camera audio quality explanation....Good job...very good...

6 hours ago

I love u ijustine

9 hours ago

Would you please do a video explaining which phones better one plus 7pro vs xr

10 hours ago

Yep, I was wrong on Instagram, in a way that phones sound like my camera, the Nikon Coolpix S33 with cheesy audio on video.

15 hours ago

Where can I buy the same phone and with the whole big box budle

15 hours ago

Should be 2 more cases included also.

16 hours ago

At minute 8:15 that guy was taking a picture of you guys

17 hours ago

Great hardware, and some nice polish (like the freefall detector).

The only real disappointment is that free/libre software isn't standard on phones yet. There is a lot of potential security and privacy issues here. From what I know from previous OnePlus phones, they let you unlock the bootloader so we will eventually get Libre OS' like Ubuntu Touch.

18 hours ago

I think the video of the OP7P is overly sharpened, but you were recording with the front facing camera when you compared the audio of it to the iPhone Xs

18 hours ago

It's weird. Sometimes the photos from the 7 Pro looks fantastic, and sometimes they're just average.

19 hours ago

Honestly its camera performance is amazing!😙

20 hours ago

Can you guess a word that starts with F & ends with uck.
You might think it's F**k but ..........
Your wrong!!!

It's actually.......
Drum roll plz🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

It's Fire Truck!!!!!🚒🚒🚒


Like if u fell for it!!

22 hours ago

headphone jackim so in love with this phone but headphone jack makes me feel like i should get s10

23 hours ago

I hate these YouTubers getting free phones just to review yet she will never use this as her daily driver... She's back to her iPhone xs max

1 day ago

How does it compare with the iPhone XS Max??

1 day ago

This phone was custom made for nebula the daughter of thanos.

1 day ago

Good job not talking about the 90hz oled screen (only phone to have that), it's only a minor thing...

1 day ago

Can u do a what's on my macbook pls. Btw I love ur vids

1 day ago

Please tell One+ to release the non-Pro 7 in the USA.

1 day ago

where is the feature that no phone has it yet...skipped it OMG

1 day ago


1 day ago

She seems so insincere. She doesn't care about any Android device. There is no iMessage, Facetime or Airdrop so it is clearly just a case of going through the motions.

1 day ago

Thanks for adding the translation

1 day ago

I hate it that it can't beat iPhone when it comes to video/sound recording. If it can do true tone and everything realistic color photos and videos the iPhone camera can and beat everything and IP 68 and great OS and consistent OS updates and lower price and no chin no curve edges but flat screen with just right black symmetric border in all sides for better viewing, then it's the best phone ever

1 day ago

there are a LOT of comments on all the oneplus 7 pro videos dropping at once. this is how embargos work. everyone was sent their phones weeks ago so they all filmed their videos but were not allowed to release them until after the official product drop announcement. youtube lets you upload a video but not release it until a set time. this means once the release time hits and the embargo lifts everyone's videos are automatically released at the same time which is why you get flooded after every big product announcement. the same thing goes for movie embargos which is why all the movie reviews drop at the same time as well.

1 day ago

This was the only video that did the op7 pro justice

1 day ago

Yeah he's a boy

1 day ago