Keith's 400 Chicken McNugget Challenge ft. The Food Babies

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Welcome to the first official episode of Food Babies! The Try Guys challenged us 400 chicken nuggets from McDonald's and WELP, watch to see how it went. 🍗😋

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The Food Babies
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comment  Comments

I want this friendship 🥺😭😩

45 minutes ago


5 hours ago

Where can I sign up to join the food babies?😂😭🤙🏻

6 hours ago

garbage gals fits better than the babies for the job they have in a funny way i am trying insult anyone but GG is better lol

9 hours ago

I say fif 😂

9 hours ago

"Dishonor on you!
Dishonor on your chicken nugget!
Dishonor on your Asian family!"

10 hours ago

I can't even eat 10

10 hours ago

Alex on the couch is me after Christmas dinner. Like in physical pain while people are opening presents. 😅

10 hours ago

Do 400 sets of fries with Keith and the try guy that includes Zach even though he’s a light weight

12 hours ago

All a bit unethical eating this much, no thought for the poor bloated, factory chickens, for the amount of related C02 emissions pr for the amount of general resources used. Mindless stuff :(

13 hours ago

Have Keith eat the menu at Arby’s

16 hours ago

I absolutely love Eugene 😂😂❤️

16 hours ago

Wow Mc Donald’s is really unhealthy I won’t go into detail but look up what is in the nuggets

18 hours ago

As an ex-cashier at bk, you guys should have called ahead. It’s a nightmare making that many nuggets in one go.

19 hours ago

if I was that skinny, I would eat 400 chicken nuggets too

22 hours ago


23 hours ago

i love this episode so much

1 day ago

A nugget a minute

1 day ago

Kinda sad Alex didn’t get to 69 lol

1 day ago

I’m like...kinda hungry rn...

1 day ago

Ay the ending got me bro ha ha good shit

1 day ago

This... is heaven... right?

1 day ago

Lmao the ending of this video 💀💀💀

1 day ago

gonna end up in the hospital eating that crap

1 day ago

RIP male shredded chicks

1 day ago

Are those girls marathon runners? How else would they stay so thin?

1 day ago

I love how they continued to finish eating all 400, that was a lovely moment. But I also give major props to the person that did the heavy metal edit at the end 👌🏻😂

1 day ago

Is YB from the Rock diet on buzzfeed

1 day ago

Mukbang for the common person

1 day ago


1 day ago