YBN Cordae's ABCs

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Published: 1 week ago
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YBN Cordae flexes his word association skills in his version of the ABCs.

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Which letter YBN Cordae shared is the funniest?

1 week ago


16 hours ago

F 😭😭

1 day ago


1 day ago


4 days ago

P because of how fast he said it

5 days ago

His smart ass 😂💯

2 hours ago

This the best one

4 hours ago

R is for W

6 hours ago

4 year old at 14+ movie:hi I go in there
Ybn cordae:U underrated

7 hours ago

For y he shouldn of said ybn

9 hours ago

He looks like ur best friend from high school

11 hours ago

Y your correct me brother

22 hours ago

I think they taped the abc's on the board for him or sum 😂😂

23 hours ago

i love him sm

23 hours ago

His cute ass😍 buhh tha way he said "F, Fuck You" was too funni to me😭😭

1 day ago

He’s deadass just saying the first thing that comes to his head

1 day ago

Dababy: ass
Megan: ass
Lil mosey: ass
Ybn cordae: ApPLEsAuCe

1 day ago

He’s the only rapper that didn’t say B for Booty

1 day ago

He saying words I don’t even understand😭😭

2 days ago

0:23 how he gunna turn it around like that😂😇☠️

2 days ago

The way he said p pussy

2 days ago

lil smart b**

2 days ago

it just looks mad weird how he was just looking up when saying some of the words

2 days ago

Y-your correct my brotha

2 days ago

You can tell who is the lyricist by the word variability

2 days ago

Cordae has the best vocabulary out of any rapper I’ve ever seen.

2 days ago

And this how u keep it pg 13

2 days ago

Me: what’s something you’ve never had
Cordae: 0:42

2 days ago

I swear every rapper said fu** you for f

2 days ago

Nigga was hiding all they words in his eyelids

2 days ago

This nigga said applesauce im dead 😂

3 days ago

He saying some real smart words

3 days ago


3 days ago

No one:

YBN Cordae: A - “Apple sauce”

3 days ago