Bill Burr GOES OFF on Outrage Culture | Joe Rogan

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Published: 9 months ago
Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1219:


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My favorite moments of comedy are like at 9:25 that was a pretty serious topic then boom “you gotta be an 8 or up” Lol.

1 hour ago

Nice jacket bill......

5 hours ago

1984...That's all...

5 hours ago

Wicks-n-Sticks... totally forgot about that store!! Lol

6 hours ago

1:59 why is Bill Pushing white guilt? Following Bills logic it is only white people who fuck people over. Not all. Why can't be blacks fuck people over for once?

7 hours ago

Burr needs to dump his wife and get a new one.

9 hours ago

2:01 - 2:12 This.
Any extreme liberal ever says that if you're white it automatically makes you guilty of oppressing and enslaving Africans and indigenous peoples can fuck right off.

This shit needs to stop before people start rewriting history.

I'm Irish, and no I don't mean irish-american or some shit, I mean actually born on the Island that is called Ireland. If some outrage, PC asshole tries to group us in with the Brits, French, Americans, Australians, as being guilty of colonial crimes just because we are white-European...then they would get a fucking headbutt.
One reason being we never did anything of the sort.
Another reason being we ourselves were invaded, colonised and culturally purged.
Go ask the Polish and Ukrainians of they wish to apologise for the colonial-crimes of Britain...just because they are white-European.

10 hours ago

Stupidest guest ever

12 hours ago

You know what blows... this reminds me when a great product its built, solid, durable you get your money's worth... but then some leech that wants the glory of the product without the sacrifice and starts making lower quality copies and the idea of this product turns in to shit.

Me too could have been the greatest thing that had happened to the opress, but because all the leaches want to live someone's else's tragedy without the effect it will be nothing else than a fucking frozen tv dinner.

Love you Joe

13 hours ago

Bill Burr is buying into the white guilt.
Classism is the worst form of Bigotry, he mentioned it with the poor whites.

There are also women who want to fuck their way to the top.
There are also females who sexually harass.

18 hours ago

11:48 …. boom!!!! Both Parties are the same Party!

19 hours ago

This is why I stopped watching NBC's "Last Comic Standing" mid-season several years back. It finally donned on me: They're not talking about anything important. Because they CAN'T.

19 hours ago

This whole "the future is female" crap is a much deeper agenda. I'll just leave it at that.

19 hours ago

wow...bill burr...right wingers are NOT the ones wanting to raise the debt....shit...we'd stop all social programs shrink EVERYTHING but the military off that ain't good, its going to be our end.

20 hours ago

I can’t think of 2 people who I would rather listen to.

21 hours ago

What a world we live in where asking for evidence makes you a rapist..... Even when the woman that made the allegations is proven to have lied she’s still praised.....

1 day ago

2:36 Not a coincidence that he named his new special this.

1 day ago

"I wanna be less confrontational " they are coming for u Bill

1 day ago

The word Bill Burr is trying to say is " Forced Acceptance"

1 day ago

In my experience women chase men just as much in the office etc. Its not a one way thing like feminazis make it out to be

1 day ago

2:37 Roll credits ding

1 day ago

I bet he has Voldemort's face on the back of his head like that dude from the first harry potter.

1 day ago

Burr-Rogan 2020

1 day ago

Pretty much all of the Male staff that runs

1 day ago

Best way to preserve your legal rights is to own your own property. And if someone steps on your private property.....

1 day ago

Real comics? Paul F my boy, he has hot takes

1 day ago

The future is feminine... That is transphobic!

1 day ago

I swear Bill Burr is the most sane person I've ever seen.. Joe Rogan is trying to be exactly what he's speaking against.

2 days ago

@2:36 Netflix special title

2 days ago

how did bill connect sexual assault to children of the corn to our foreign policy wtf ? @10:00

2 days ago