CUSTOM Air Force 1's!! - Combining all my Customs into one ... (100K Special)

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Published: 1 week ago

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Thank you so much for 100k Subs! I hope you guys enjoyed this Air Force1 custom where I combine all my designs into 1.. I think they turned out pretty cool tbh. Lemme know what you think!

Twitter: JTVCustoms

All supplies were purchased from

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Thanks for watching!

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If you enjoyed this video where I did some custom air force 1s, make sure to subscribe because i do a lot of custom shoes. If you want to see some custom Jordans, custom vans, custom nikes, angelus paint tutorials, and other air force 1 custom videos check out my other videos. I also did a few hydro dip videos. Go check them out! These shoes are a Jordan 1 custom. One of my favorite custom shoes that i have done. Customs.


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I actually really like how these turned out... would you guys wear these or nah??

1 week ago

of course

39 minutes ago

Where have i been on youtube
This is amazing 😱

40 minutes ago

Hook me up with those I would wear them everyday

48 minutes ago

Who wouldn't these are actual fire

1 hour ago

I'd wear them

1 hour ago

September 7th

September 17th

He got over 82 thousand subscribers in 10 days.

16 minutes ago

Hell na hoes look gay allways fucken shit up first was rap now shoes whats next

19 minutes ago


41 minutes ago

I would definitely wear the customs and some of the ones you took the custom designs from. Great job on all your designs man

43 minutes ago

I only got one question: Where the fu*k can i get those shoes??

53 minutes ago

Wow I’m extremely amazed 🤭💯💙

1 hour ago

100 percent would buy this

1 hour ago

Omg wow these look sooooo goooooooood

1 hour ago

How much are the white pair they are out of this world

1 hour ago

1st time watching and loved it im subing to help you reach you goal good luck

1 hour ago

I liked the first ones

1 hour ago

I just subscribed to you congratulations on hitting 100k

Edit: It’s been about a week since you posted and you are already ate 181k congratulations

1 hour ago

He sells this shoes?

2 hours ago

"these jordans fake af"
-martin luther king .jr

2 hours ago


2 hours ago


2 hours ago

3:38 ⓃⓎⒶⒶⒶ

3 hours ago

Watch Nike drop these

3 hours ago

I wish they sold these at Nike

3 hours ago

Copying ah

3 hours ago

Mack a swoosh shoe

3 hours ago

Your style kinda seems like a copy of Marko’s...

3 hours ago

Make these intk merch u could make hella outnof it

3 hours ago

Your so talented that art work are so good keep it up man😁😁

3 hours ago

Does he sell the shoes he makes?

3 hours ago

Turn them into black air force 1s😈

4 hours ago

I would wear em, you should make some louiv, supreme killer Air force 1's hightop

4 hours ago

I want to pair I swear to God

4 hours ago

80k subs in 10 days 😳🔥

4 hours ago