Top 5 school fight scenes in movies

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movie names:
5:kissing booth
4:The vampire diaries
3:Warriors Gate 2
2:men women and children
1:The boy next door


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hey guys just letting you all know a new fight scene video is coming out and I'm using a different song so if you all could stop complaining that would be great

6 days ago


1 hour ago

MPX PLAYS bro the songs makes more lit bro keep doing what you do best     :)

6 hours ago

What movies are thes from and what song is this

7 hours ago

I actually really like the song

8 hours ago

This is missing the best school fighting scene ever made from the movie ondskan (evil), 2 older students challenges this freshman to a fight and get destroyed infront of whole school. Its my favorite movie and the freshman has some hands! Recommend to check it out! 5/5

9 hours ago

3:37 and his name is John Cena

42 seconds ago

What is that song called ?

51 seconds ago

3:33 little baby driver <3

6 minutes ago

EdSherran What

7 minutes ago

Am i the only one who's watching this every day?

9 minutes ago

Suzuran is the best

9 minutes ago

broooo you can drive a train in that guys forehead

10 minutes ago

What are the name of these movies

18 minutes ago

What is the first movie called??please

23 minutes ago

Sorry, can you find out the name of the fifth movie? Thanks in advance😊💋

26 minutes ago

What is the first fight movie

28 minutes ago

Just do it!

30 minutes ago

Wery,wery good video.nice my Brother

34 minutes ago


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41 minutes ago

4:51 R.I.P ed sheeran

43 minutes ago

4:30 brutally beat him

51 minutes ago

Omg the 1. Fight really scarry

54 minutes ago

What movie is this?

1 hour ago

No 1,Ed Sheeran and Shawn mendes

1 hour ago

I like the video but I hate the song

1 hour ago

What is this for a song?

1 hour ago

I like the music

1 hour ago

Which movie this song....??

1 hour ago

Where’s The American Wrestler One Cmon

1 hour ago

Yg terakhir judulnya apa

1 hour ago

Aelah lebih sereman juga tawuran antar sma

1 hour ago

is that top scenes? what a shame ><

1 hour ago

Dis this guy only have one song

2 hours ago