Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights!

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Published: 1 week ago
Jason Williams, aka 'White Chocolate', joined Omar Raja to react to his most MEMORABLE plays and highlights throughout his NBA career, including the legendary elbow pass.

MORE NBA Players Reacting To Highlights → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_HppZy-GwSxlLLtuZyGds5f22Nzq1iLN


Randy Moss → 0:08-2:30
Crossover on Gary Payton → 2:57-4:24
Philly BTB → 4:43-5:22
Flashy in the Bay → 6:24-6:43
Faking Out Iverson → 8:16-8:36
Bibby on Skates → 8:54-9:33
The Elbow Pass → 12:06-12:48
International Elbow Pass → 13:02-13:09
Bullet to Peja → 14:07-14:28
John Stockton → 16:02-16:30
Dime to Webber → 17:56-18:08
Behind the Head → 19:40-20:00
Pacers x Passing → 21:02-21:30
Lakers → 22:00-23:25
Bounce Pass vs. Suns → 23:44-24:12
The Rondo → 24:17-25:12
Poster Dunk → 25:15-25:36
Game-Breaker → 26:40-27:00
Miami Heat Champs → 28:18-31:50
Lobs in China → 33:00-33:20
Intramural Icon → 33:45-34:14

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Want more NBA players reacting to their highlights?

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1 week ago


1 day ago

Your video editor forgot to apply horizontal flip to some of the close ups of Jason Williams. Check how his shadow switches sides on his face vs the direction he’s looking. If yall need a video producer, lmk. danielvestal.com

2 days ago

HOH - Swish 41 Dirk Nowitzki react please

2 days ago

Hell yeah Monta Ellis he got so many highlights him and Chris Paul showed out that old rookie sophomore game they would make a good dou

3 days ago

Man I cant believe you dont know mookie blaylock? He was a really pg lock up defender. Stromile swift was a stud.

4 days ago

Where did the name White Chocolate come from? BLACK PEOPLES lmao

2 minutes ago

Raef LaFrentz is my least favorite basketball player of all time.

16 minutes ago

White Chocolate is a STRAIGHT G. In todays nba, right now he could still average a double double in points/assists.

31 minutes ago

wtf why is he looking to his left when being asked the questions
but looking to his right when he answers them. tripping me out.

45 minutes ago

"the good ol' days..." hellamuch man! After Jordan retired it was really the Kings that kept me into Basketball.

47 minutes ago

Jason tells him the answer and the guy follows it up with the question that he just answered. Should of rehearsed the questions more. Needs a more polished interviewer

1 hour ago

I just realized this is the first time I've heard white chocolate speak

1 hour ago

Just more respect for J Will. Great interview(er) and interview(ee). Wonderfully done.

1 hour ago

Worst interviewer ever, he asked the same question over and over when JW had already answered it.

2 hours ago

Trust, the name "White Chocolate" is a compliment. Yea, it might be race-based, but good things can come from that too. Just like "Black Mamba" is a compliment.

2 hours ago

Thank you for the video. This guy is amazing for the game of basketball, very unappreciated, he worked very hard to be where he he is right now an still can talk about this like it is a common thing. it is not... thank you Jason, from a fan for life :)

2 hours ago


3 hours ago

As an amazon flex driver, thank you j will.

3 hours ago

Great interview. The interviewer came prepared and flows well with Jason.

4 hours ago

The Kings and Lakers rivalry and playoffs were very memorable to me. C.Webb, Vlade, Peja, Bibby, Jason and the supporting cast were exciting to watch. A great chemistry between them. Excellent interview.

4 hours ago

J”son Williams was the “professor” of the NBA

5 hours ago

that thing was crisp..... i was dying!!!!!!!!!!

5 hours ago

But you didn't talk about those Nike Hyperflights lol

5 hours ago

WV baby

6 hours ago

I think he’d be a fantastic coach. And this is my first time hearing him talk! Thx for this interview! Also, it’s hilarious hearing one of the flashiest, non-fundamental passers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching say “these kids today—they don’t know how to play the game right!” 😂

7 hours ago

34:08 There you have it folks! LOL!!

7 hours ago

One of my fav point guards ever

8 hours ago

I one of the biggest J Will fans. Stay healthy hope to see you back in the big 3

9 hours ago

The dude on the right asks the same question all the time. "He could have played any sport, right"?

10 hours ago

"Why do you think you have stayed relevant, over these years compared to other legends"? Because I'm white!

10 hours ago

That elbow pass ruined Raef LaFrentz's career. From then on he was known as someone who could not finish.

11 hours ago

Can you show all 5 billion hours of footage showing him with a fancy move, only to throw up a brick

11 hours ago

Get Shawn Kemp on here already

11 hours ago


11 hours ago