Top 10 SECRET Fortnite Season 9 Easter Eggs YOU DIDN'T KNOW!

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Published: 1 week ago
Top 10 SECRET Fortnite Season 9 Easter Eggs YOU DIDN'T KNOW!
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Here is a list of the Top 10 SECRET Fortnite Season 9 Easter Eggs YOU DIDN'T KNOW!, for more new fortnite season 9 videos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.


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You are really trying to explain everything even though you have no idea what you are talking about, huh?

2 hours ago

Not ALT F9 - ALT F4

4 hours ago

that ain't toxic water. it's a god damn hotspring

5 hours ago

Clickkkkkkk baittttttt

6 hours ago

The helmet looks like it is a power ranger helmet

7 hours ago

3 or 2

7 hours ago

For number 4, a dude tweeted at epic, and asked them why is there a sofa blocking the door? And in the next patch epic added one more, and since then they are adding more and more sofas

7 hours ago

Lil Mexico, the obvious answer is that it’s from rick and morty “close in counters with the rick kind” it’s the chair universe duhhh

12 hours ago

I call it mini mexico

13 hours ago


14 hours ago

Don’t think Jonesey was ever frozen but alright

15 hours ago

And where is The Búnker?

16 hours ago

I thought the helmet the statue was holding was a soccer ball

16 hours ago

What season did you start in

1-4 like
5-9 comment
0- do all

17 hours ago

Im betting shes gonna be the complete all challenges skin

18 hours ago

Btw those aren’t toxic ponds. Those are thermal springs.

19 hours ago

5:53 gold scar on the floor...

19 hours ago

Alt+F4 is what you mean ok guys? When ur like t0p 5 press Alt+F4

19 hours ago

The statue in titled has helment from the unvaulting event and rox hel looks like the one from the unvaulting event

20 hours ago

The whale is to stop ocean pollution and rubbish waste and be careful about oil spills

21 hours ago

The girl with the helmet is the 90 fortbytes you need

22 hours ago

Who fricken called it "Castle"

22 hours ago

Toxic water 😂. It’s called a hot water spring

22 hours ago

the statue in neo tilted is the Utopia skin

23 hours ago

It was 50 years btw

1 day ago

9 year olds: MaKE tHiS bUtToN bLuE iF yOu’Re An Og

1 day ago

0:18 did he seriously just put Gandalf on the screen and say magic wand like he was talking about Dumbledore?

1 day ago

2:49 did he say "Anal structures"??

1 day ago

3:25 i thought that was gonna be a new area . i looked like it could hurt you but have god-tier look

1 day ago

How is the durr buger head a "easter egg"

1 day ago