The Full Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story Scene | Stranger Things S3

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Published: 1 week ago
The amazing Dustin and Suzie NeverEnding Story scene from Stranger Things S3 in full.


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comment  Comments

Does anybody else think Suzie looks like Mia Khalifa? 😂

11 seconds ago

Suzie says "...So you can save the world?" In such a tone that it makes her sound like she doesn't care if everybody dies, as long as her Dusty-Bun sings some songs with her lol

17 seconds ago

i love it XDD

1 minute ago

The auto tune is so real

2 minutes ago

Ha ha ha

3 minutes ago

Reasons I hate Suzie uwu

4 minutes ago

Can we talk about how sad Suzie looked at the end? Is there a reason for this

6 minutes ago


7 minutes ago

2:25 what is this turning into ;-;

8 minutes ago


9 minutes ago

If Suzie didn't ask for the song Hopper and Billy both would have lived😭

9 minutes ago

What the hell is that face at 1:10

10 minutes ago

Will is done with this shit.

Man just wanted to play D&D.

12 minutes ago

That reaction @ 1:34 and this scene made this bigger than that GoT sh!t :)

12 minutes ago

i thought he was gonna purr when i saw this

16 minutes ago

If Suzie didn’t sing hopper would still be alive basically

17 minutes ago

Bruh. If Suzie didn't make Dustin sing this hopper and billy would still be here.

19 minutes ago

The never ending story was such a werid ass film😂

21 minutes ago

You know a show knows exactly what it's doing when something like this happens and you have the exact same reaction as 90% of characters on-screen.

21 minutes ago

Suzie legit got two folks killed smh

22 minutes ago

I loved this part. Gave me chill bumps!

22 minutes ago


23 minutes ago

Oke you can argue that suzie didn’t kill hopper blabla but she definitely killed billy

23 minutes ago


23 minutes ago

Alguém BR?🇧🇷 Se sim deixa o like para eu saber que não tem só eu aqui kkk,Amoo MUITO Stranger Things!❣😍

24 minutes ago

I...disliked this season.

26 minutes ago

That shit was hilarious

27 minutes ago

I thinks in season 4, Suzie goes in Hawkings

27 minutes ago

the highlight of season 3

29 minutes ago

Turn around~look at what you se-


33 minutes ago