Got a Haircut at the Worst Reviewed Barber

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Published: 2 weeks ago
So I decide to cut all my hair off.....and you're not gonna believe it i regret it
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zane has sam smith vibes

7 hours ago

I love your hair cut Zane ❤️!!

9 hours ago

Zane looking like the new iphones boarder 😂

9 hours ago

You look like the terrorist from jack ryan

12 hours ago

Your hair looks like George Michael! Your eyes show up better. It looks very nice! Jeff's a great Barber.

18 hours ago

Zane is so hot

1 day ago

I honestly like this haircut more than the blond

1 day ago

Im in love with Zane, for real.

1 day ago

I thought It was jake paul I saw in the beginning of the video, pls forgive me Matt ❤️

1 day ago

lmao was the high school Mat was talking about in the beginning East Valley because it looked like it

1 day ago

You want to get chicken pox as a kid because if you get them as an adult they are called Shingles and can become deadly. But if you get them as a kid you are/ are most likely immune to them as an adult.

2 days ago

If you have never had chickenpox you can have some complications as you get older.

2 days ago

Zane, not to be a smartsss BUT you do have to have chixkenpocks once in ur life bc if you get them as an adult it’ll evolve into a different kinda sickness and grownups have actually died from it when not treated right KIS

2 days ago

Matt is cracking me the fuck up in this

2 days ago

It looks sooo much better

2 days ago

It’s not real the bees are paid actors

2 days ago

He was a freshman in college 8 years ago??!! He’s fucking old

2 days ago

the fact that Zane can sing, omg

3 days ago

“put the bees back in the bucket”

3 days ago

PSA TO EVERYONE: 1 I worked at an urgent care and honestly the issue with them is most of them have rotating clinical staff, so while I can vouch that some of the doctors there were great, it really depends on the day what kind of care you will get because some doctors legitimately don't care. Even the urgent cares usually recommend getting a primary care because they give you more advanced care as well as knowing your medical history also 2 they advise you to have chicken pox when you're a kid because if you get it as an adult it is actually shingles, which is much more painful and worse than chicken pox and you can actually die from it. ok there's my serious comment for the day goodbye

3 days ago

Me and Matt have the same psoriasis

3 days ago

I fucking love Matt.

3 days ago

Otezla is the pill you take ! And be careful with the Humira injections. I took it for 2 years and I now have nervous system problems, deteriorating leg muscles, and my psoriatic arthritis came back 10x worse. It cleared my skin about 80% and I have severe psoriasis but the side effects from Humira only started to take effect after taking it for a couple years. BE CAREFUL MATT❤️❤️❤️

4 days ago

Doesn't actually look THAT bad

4 days ago

In Arizona there is a disease that apparently everyone has called Valley Fever. It's in the dust here so people just kinda inhale it. People who live here don't really have any symptoms cause out bodies get used to it

4 days ago

Mat has a little booger 🤗

4 days ago

Matt seems high asf😂😂

4 days ago

He looks like Joe

4 days ago

you look really good!

4 days ago

Matt reminds me of Melvin the giraffe from the movie Madagascar. 😂😂

4 days ago