Got a Haircut at the Worst Reviewed Barber

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Published: 4 months ago
So I decide to cut all my hair off.....and you're not gonna believe it i regret it
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Produced by: @BruceWiegner

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Not even mad, stop being insecure about your hair

4 days ago

was nerf filming this tf

1 week ago

You can die from chicken pox lol

1 week ago

Zane, I'm not a doctor by any means, but you should get the chickenpox asap. From what I have understood, the younger you are when you get the chickenpox, the better. It is one of those weird super contagious viruses that affect you less the younger you are, and it only affects you once. The older you are when you get chickenpox, the worse the virus attacks; in older age in life, chickenpox can be deadly. I would suggest you talk with your doctor and let them know you have never had the chickenpox and give vaccinated if possible or follow whatever guidance they give you.

2 weeks ago

Lol Jeff for sure does way better job compared to super cuts! Lol

2 weeks ago

Zane: But don’t you go to like Supercuts to get your haircuts??

Matt: iTs jUsT a sUPercuT of uS

2 weeks ago

It honestly looked better blonde

3 weeks ago

Why is matt so cute

3 weeks ago

Matt: 😀😀😀😀😀

It looks great!!

3 weeks ago

Matt is so cute 😂

3 weeks ago

jeff doesn’t like matt????

3 weeks ago

matt has such crackhead energy

1 month ago

Only person who shakes the camera more than zane is matt.

1 month ago

I've never had chicken pox

1 month ago

4:55 Jeff shows us the bod. You’re welcome
God bless you Jeff 😋🤑

1 month ago

they have chicken pox vaccinations now! So depending on how old you are, you may have gotten the vaccination as a kid. Im 36, so i did have chicken pox because the vax wasn't out yet!

1 month ago

i like it!

1 month ago

I went ahead and hit the like button while the ad was playing because right now judging by the title you need as much support as possible. 😂😂😂

1 month ago

jeffs ab's at 4:55 ,fabjadfl

1 month ago

And he still hasn't grown any hair back

1 month ago

I preferred the blonde

1 month ago

MATT,,,,NOOOO. Zane, baby, you don't need to get chicken pox. There is this wonderful thing called a VACCINATION.

2 months ago

I love this with my whole life

2 months ago

That shit looks fresh !!!

2 months ago

6:30 me watching my friends do stupid shit.

2 months ago

Commenting for the Lorde lyric Matt sang.

2 months ago

Saying have you ever made a video with David Dobrik. You need more followers like 1000 on Instagram

2 months ago

I’ve never had chicken pox either & im 25 😂

2 months ago

I loooooove the hair

2 months ago

I feel like matt would be a weird stalker that would look so normal and nice but is a scary person

2 months ago