Every Black Mirror Episode Ranked Worst To Best

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Published: 1 year ago
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Black Mirror has emerged as a smartly critical anthology series about a not-so-distant dystopian future, and humans' relationship with technology. Most episodes feel like worst-case scenarios with the ambiance of The Twilight Zone for the 21st Century. Will our future interactions with technology be uplifting and empowering, or downright terrifying? Scary or not, though, some installments of Black Mirror are just plain better than others, so here's a ranking of every episode of the show so far, from worst to best. Do we even need a spoiler warning here?

"The Waldo Moment" | 0:32
"Crocodile" | 1:18
"Metalhead" | 1:55
"Arkangel" | 2:25
"The National Anthem" | 2:57
"Shut Up And Dance" | 3:34
"Black Museum" | 4:11
"Men Against Fire" | 4:44
"The Entire History of You" | 5:24
"White Bear" | 6:03
"Hated in the Nation" | 6:30
"Playtest" | 6:58
"Hang the DJ" | 7:49
"Nosedive" | 8:30
"USS Callister" | 8:58
"Fifteen Million Merits" | 9:45
"Be Right Back" | 10:37
"White Christmas" | 11:10
"San Junipero" | 11:50

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What other series' episodes should we rank next? Spoilers: "The Grove" is still The Walking Dead's best episode.

1 year ago

Hmmm Better Call Saul? Or Game of Thrones?

1 month ago

I DO NOT like this ranking.

2 months ago


3 months ago


5 months ago

@Philip Thunberg so true......

6 months ago

This list:


Thank for watching.

1 day ago

wtf...mentalhead is good

2 days ago

YEAH BABY! YEAH BABY! I KNEW IT!! SAN JUNIPERO!! THE BEST ONE! (man I loved Yorkie and Kelly, I loved those lesbians <3)

4 days ago

Can we all agree that the people who made this ranking didn’t actually watch the whole show ?

4 days ago

Shut up and dance is one of my favorite episodes

4 days ago

The national anthem is one of the best. This is by far the worst ranking.

4 days ago

crocodile was great tho 😂😂😂

6 days ago

My personal favourite was White Christmas and I was hoping it gets a high ranking. Felt relieved when it did. Also, I think Playtest and Black Museum had a sort of horror touch to them and they deserved better. I would also include Hated in the Nation in my top 3.

1 week ago

They didn’t even show the ending of Playtest. That episode is when I quit Black Mirror

1 week ago

Ok but can we all just talk for a sec about how fucking underrated Playtest and White Bear are Like, Playtest just showed how a game can turn into danger within a few seconds and it was just so fucked but in a good way, and White Bear sorry not sorry but I think it is the best episode ever, it was fucked in a good way too, it felt like a movie and the plot at the end was just amazing, it felt like the Personal hell for Victoria or whatever her name was. OH AND LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT BE RIGHT BACK OMG. First of all, the soundtrack is just so hauntingly melancholic and amazing, second, it was so sad and idk bout u but I had just that feeling while watching it that i had never felt before, it felt so surreal and it was so heartbreaking to see how the woman (I am sorry i dont remember her name) just had so much hope but lost it all after she saw "Ash" and how he was acting and talking, like i was too afraid to watch the next episode bcs it messed me up so fucking bad.

1 week ago

Metalhead should definitely be at the bottom lol

1 week ago

White Christmas is the best episode don’t @ me

1 week ago

the people who ranked this probably didn't even watch the show

1 week ago

The Miley Cyrus episode was the worst.

1 week ago

Cant rate black mirror episodes. Some episodes make me wanna cry. Some make me wanna die.

1 week ago

I really loved black museum

1 week ago

Your opinion is WRONG

2 weeks ago

What a horrible list

2 weeks ago

Okay no Black museum is way better than white Bear

2 weeks ago

White Bear is boring asf

2 weeks ago

I think shut up and dance is probably the best episode

2 weeks ago

Definitely, San Junípero is the best episode! 🥰

2 weeks ago

metal head is the worst dont @ me

2 weeks ago

Man againts fire is waaayyyy under shut up and dance
, in my point of view. You can't rank Black mirror.

2 weeks ago

Did he just called "Shut up and Dance" Boring!?
Worst list ever

2 weeks ago

San Junipero is a classic

3 weeks ago

You’re so annoying fick you

3 weeks ago

In my opinion, shut up and dance is one of the best episodes,
That last phone call was chilling...

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Right? The science is non existent. Humans to produce electricity? Do they even know how fucking poor the energy conversion rate would be. They would need to input a lot and i say a fucking lot more to keep them alive then to get power out of them. And if they have such energy source to put on the food then nothing makes sense.
Most and i say most irritating and fucking stupid episode ever. The prime minister fucking a pig was thousand times better.

3 weeks ago

Metalhead is one of my favorite episodes

3 weeks ago