Every Black Mirror Episode Ranked Worst To Best

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Published: 1 year ago
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Black Mirror has emerged as a smartly critical anthology series about a not-so-distant dystopian future, and humans' relationship with technology. Most episodes feel like worst-case scenarios with the ambiance of The Twilight Zone for the 21st Century. Will our future interactions with technology be uplifting and empowering, or downright terrifying? Scary or not, though, some installments of Black Mirror are just plain better than others, so here's a ranking of every episode of the show so far, from worst to best. Do we even need a spoiler warning here?

"The Waldo Moment" | 0:32
"Crocodile" | 1:18
"Metalhead" | 1:55
"Arkangel" | 2:25
"The National Anthem" | 2:57
"Shut Up And Dance" | 3:34
"Black Museum" | 4:11
"Men Against Fire" | 4:44
"The Entire History of You" | 5:24
"White Bear" | 6:03
"Hated in the Nation" | 6:30
"Playtest" | 6:58
"Hang the DJ" | 7:49
"Nosedive" | 8:30
"USS Callister" | 8:58
"Fifteen Million Merits" | 9:45
"Be Right Back" | 10:37
"White Christmas" | 11:10
"San Junipero" | 11:50

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What other series' episodes should we rank next? Spoilers: "The Grove" is still The Walking Dead's best episode.

1 year ago


2 days ago

Nose Dive.

6 days ago


2 months ago

+Philip Thunberg so true......

3 months ago

Firstly get this one right

4 months ago

I need Men against fire part 2

1 hour ago

I honestly think you don't fully understand the episodes. This is legit what could actually happen. I think people should actually understand these episodes before actually opening their mouths.

3 hours ago

now... there are much worse episodes than crocodile. y’all did it dirty

11 hours ago

This is so wrong ,metal head is of the best 😞

15 hours ago

its hard to rank so many amazing episodes

19 hours ago

Tbh national anthem should've been lower, its the most boring episode compared to the others , it was good as black mirror shows how society lacks responsibility and are judgmental and also uses social media in the a bad way it wasn't as mind boggling as the others

1 day ago

I fell asleep watching “San Junipero”. Honestly, do these rankers just give it preference because it features LGBTQ characters in a less tolerant/understanding time?

1 day ago

So the top is only one with happy ending in whole series based on depression? Rly?! :D

1 day ago

wow. arkangel was one of my favs

1 day ago


1 day ago

San Junipero sucks. Should have been thr worst episode

2 days ago

I liked san junipero but I couldn't get over the fact that Kelly chose to live a happy life with Yorkie in the cloud while still having the death of her daughter at the back of her head.

I get that she's supposed to move on but I just felt sad about it. Personally I'd rather not be uploaded to the cloud knowing that my daughter and spouse wouldn't be there with me.

2 days ago

san junipero is the top, thats some bullllllshit. the show is mostly a technological horror anthology that includes some lighter episodes so people wont get too freaked out. The best episodes are the ones that play on your psychological fears and how technolody increases said fears. the top ones should be entire history of you, white christmas, playtest, shut up and dance, uss callister, nosedive, and hangthedj.... saying

2 days ago

to be fair i haven't seen every single episode but from the one's i've seen my top five are:
1. nosedive
2. shut up and dance
3. black museum
4. arkangel
5. fifteen million merits

2 days ago

ark angel was one of my favouritessss

2 days ago

There are no bad episodes of Black Mirror, it's all personal preference. For me:
Top 3 best: San Junipero, Hang the DJ, Hated in the Nation
Worst: Metalhead

2 days ago

This whole ranking sucks. All the best episodes are ranked the lowest

2 days ago

i'm ready for the hannah montana black mirror episode tho lmfao

3 days ago

white bear, arkangel and black museum are the best, don't @ me. this is fuckery.

3 days ago

San Junipero stuck with me the most. I think about that one the most. Just the possibilities of it keep me wondering. Dead people living in a server. Makes me wonder if that digital heaven would slowly turn to hell. Watching Jon Ham torture that female AI was memorable to me as well.

3 days ago

Bruh idk but why tf is Arkangel so near the bottom? I might be a bit biased because it was one of my first episodes tho... BUT I TOTALLY AGRE WITH SHUT UP AND DANCE NOT DESERVING TO BE AT THE BOTTOM

3 days ago

Really..... San juan lesbian is your #1 ep? 15 million merits and many more are way better

3 days ago

Nosedive is genuinely awful to me. You can guess the ending like 5 minutes into an hour long episode

3 days ago

Black Museum is a masterpiece smh

3 days ago

I do not agree with your ranking at all, most of my best episodes are your worst and vice versa.

3 days ago

This list is not accurate

3 days ago

I completely disagree with this list, it's misleading.

3 days ago

ranking is lame.

3 days ago


3 days ago