Tayo Bus Toy Crane Construction Site Yellow excavator car & Green cleaning vehicle toy

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Published: 2413 days
Today, I will review very nice toys. It is Tayo's bus toy. This toy has become a construction site. A red excavator car and a yellow excavator car. And the white ball falls down. I carry a white ball on a green cleaning vehicle. It looks like a real construction site, children also enjoy toys.
Tayo is very popular in Korea. It may be popular among children all over the world now. In Japan, Tayo is not well known.

But, Tayo's bus is so pretty, so it may be popular in Japan too. I love Tayo's toys. I think that shovel cars and cleaning vehicles are also cool. I think that toys give dreams and hopes to children and will bring out the original ability. Therefore, educational toys are wonderful.


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