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Published: 2 weeks ago
MindofRez and his Little 10 Year Old Brother Kaylen PRANKED us yesterday so FaZe Jarvis and I thought of a plan to get revenge...

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"I gUeSs We GoT bEeF nOw"

11 hours ago

Kaylen Is a meme

15 hours ago

The f*** bro

19 hours ago


22 hours ago

Kaylen: bro your trash

gets shot


Jarvis kills person

Kaylen: why u stealing my KILLS BRUH oh my gaud bruh

Also kaylen: can i have sheilds

23 hours ago

Jarvis you should 1v1 Horsing please it would be such a good fight

1 day ago

people plz sub to my acc and share the vid and the account

1 day ago

Sub to Gruntbday79

1 day ago

Can i join faze

1 day ago

You should actually inv to faze

1 day ago

Kaylen: Im the new FaZe Kay

1 day ago

Kaylen trash

1 day ago

Sign kaylin

2 days ago

Jarvis is much better than Kaylen IT’S JUST SIMPLE FACTS

2 days ago

I wanna 1v1 kaylen

2 days ago

legit kaylens hair

2 days ago

I really want to join fave clan

2 days ago

10:40 the name tho

2 days ago

Kaylen Casually playing
His brother: U COULD JOIN FAZE

2 days ago

That kid and his brother are so annoying I swear Kay and Jarvis are way more chill cause they r spoiled as heck

2 days ago

I woke up
I won the lottery
I met ninja
I bought a Lamborghini
Read this backwards

2 days ago

6:20 when you take your drunk friends key

2 days ago

Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis!

3 days ago

Jarvis you should of been less toxic to him he a little kid, if he really tox then

It's okay
Nah just joking lol

3 days ago

Kaylan: Misses shot

Rez: GoOd ShOt KaYlAn

3 days ago

Can I please join FaZe Clan if that's okay with all of you

3 days ago

kaylens brother:bro just relax DuDe it’s just a game DUdE
your not going to let him do that dUdE

3 days ago

Who is better

Like:jarvis. Comment:Kaylen

3 days ago

Kaylen the Tomato

3 days ago

I am in team mindo

4 days ago