Joe Rogan Experience #1364 - Brian Redban

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Published: 1 week ago
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube:


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Don't they have a driving while high laws in CA?... They do random drug testing here in Australia now. They say it detects use up to 12 hrs prior BUT I know peeps that got busted and they hadn't touched the stuff in a week. It's pretty random and depends on the individual. Overweight people can keep pumping out easily detectable THC for days after, even a mouth swab roadside test. As for people driving better on pot...mmmmyeah I call BS in plenty of cases. Most everyone I know who's tried to drive high is overcautious to the point they're downright dangerous - drunks would drive better LOL. I say if you want to get loaded away from home, just call a cab or sleep over.

48 minutes ago

cmon joe dont back up driving high because you do it.. its still very irresponsible for many people.

1 hour ago

One of the issues with helping the homeless is regulations. We've made such strict codes and requirements in some places, that there is no way anyone can afford to help. If i wanted to donate 50 sheds, with doors and a bed. Found a property to put them on. So 50 homeless people had a roof and could possibly create a decent small community. The government would step in and deny me permits and forcibly destroy the buildings. Because they don't meet regulations. Those same 50 people living in tents and squalor on the same property? No one would do, say a thing or even care. There's places in CA, where the minimum permitted space for a single person to live in any kind of permanent structure is 700sqft. We've regulated ourselves into "healthy standards" even if those regulations have always ignored and excluded, and had no provisions anyone who cannot afford to meet them. Regulated the humanity, and in some cases the environment right out of the situation.

1 hour ago

@ 1:20:00 That guy built an air conditioner for the outdoors and you can drink the evaporator condensation. Which is gonna get gross fast.

1 hour ago

Joe "shut up Redban and let me talk" Rogan

1 hour ago

jamie and redban sound so much alike

2 hours ago

Quit riding stylebenders nuts his moves are homo and also afraid of. Homophobia

5 hours ago

There are so many short shares of Tesla. Some industries, possibly Big Oil, are trying to destroy tesla.
The shorts are manipulating the stock. Supposedly.

5 hours ago

Joe if you are going to use an android you need to use Google Keyboard.

6 hours ago

Joe you're awesome

6 hours ago

That seizure shit is possible. Daughter has eating disorder and went vegan young because of it and between it and pots her brain chemical balance got messed up and played a part at least in her developing epilepsy

6 hours ago

Look how fuckin fat Brian is!! Damn!! He’s bigger than Brent Chrysler!

7 hours ago

Down here in Louisiana we have drive through's at our bars just like a fast food place

8 hours ago

I've been thinking... Has Jamie ever shown proof he got an 'A' in Physics? -SkepticAnon#1

8 hours ago

What is this an apple ad lmao my s9 is just as good or better than a fucking locked up iphone, swiftkey keyboard blows the default out of the water

9 hours ago

Interstellar is the best movie I’ve ever seen. -Jamie

9 hours ago

Joes probably getting banned in China after this, if pewdiepie got banned, will happen to jre. Those chinese don't screw around

10 hours ago

Get Jim Goad on this show

10 hours ago

I think Android is better than IOS in almost every way but you do you.

10 hours ago

Huawei keyboard is gay

13 hours ago

How does Musk do it????? Oh, he hires engineers.

14 hours ago

bananas can be racist.

15 hours ago

Episode #1364 of bald cunt acts like a cunt.

15 hours ago

Please get the people from Huawei on the podcast! Please!

17 hours ago

Most people that buy Apple products just do it because they think it makes them look "cool" or gives them a perceived value... When In reality it just makes you look like you can't think for yourself.

17 hours ago

I gotta say, Pizza and Coke don't go together, at all. Back in High School my buddies and I bought a couple grams and we' were at his house just boofin' rails all night and his Mom ordered us Pizzas. We were so high and unable to eat, it was hilarious. His Mom looked at us crazy when all we did was eat the pepperonis off it 😂

18 hours ago

Showbox brah

19 hours ago

We can talk about o.j. being a murderer but let's dont forget Bruce Jenner is one as well. Lauren hill ? The ice bucket challenge? what is that ? Hmm naw naw let's give the espy to none other than murderer Bruce Jenner. Remember emmitt till.

20 hours ago

I don't mind racist watermelon jokes because black people actually invented watermelon 5k years ago and only introduced it to Europe 2k years ago.

21 hours ago

1:28:40 Wait doesn't everybody know Elon Musk is a front man? it couldn't be more obvious. Sell them a fake pipe dream about space travel to implement all the "green" globalism shit through the technology route; like electric cars and "neuralink". The production of electric cars causes large amounts of really nasty pollution and environmental damage. Electric cars will become truly viable when graphene battery technology is no longer suppressed. If Elon was truly trying to help humanity, like his image suggests, he would be putting millions into making graphene batteries commercially available. It makes no economic sense that no big player is jumping on this battery technology which is known to be orders of magnitude superior to lithium. There is some internal resistance to the potential sweeping changes this could bring to the established systems of control.

Keep shooting your guns Joe! Please defend the 2nd Amendment more!

22 hours ago