The Roast of Linus Sebastian

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Published: 2 weeks ago
The Roast of Linus Sebastian, fueled by Madrinas Coffee. Introducing a limited time offer of LTT’s Exclusive Vanilla Cold Brew from Madrinas Coffee. Get yours today at and use code LINUS to get 40% off today!

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comment  Comments

That was better than I expected, I watched the whole thing, I did not intend to at first, but it was so funny

2 weeks ago

James is definitely fired

2 days ago

i think i may too: P

3 days ago

I LMAO when Linus said Yvonne, HIS won wife should Get bigger breasts. Lol, it was actually mean

4 days ago

Litteraly me

6 days ago


1 week ago

This is actually pretty damn funny but they really needed to put some mics in the crowd. It feels weird to only hear a couple people laugh at each joke with so many in the audience.

2 hours ago

They need to do more roasts for YouTubers

4 hours ago

Couldnt be a linus video without sponser Segway

5 hours ago

Honestly i thought Linus's full name was Linus tech tips

6 hours ago

Dennis stole the show, he's the goddamn boss

7 hours ago

Why is Taran and brandon not up there? They are like the OG dude? Instead they have James there??WTF! Taran looks so disappointed in the crowd

15 hours ago

holy shit kyle is savage as fuck

16 hours ago

This was very awkward.

17 hours ago

1:21:08 the pewdiepie handshake

18 hours ago

Saw the original on Floatplane. Still amazing. Absolutely fantastic.

20 hours ago

I honestly thought Linus was going to cry mid Yvonne's bit.

1 day ago

Imagine Nicky V being there.

1 day ago

Dangerously self aware

1 day ago

Riley crushed it, omg lol

1 day ago

Riley did what I'd do with Dennis, pamper the lad

1 day ago

I feel for that guy 6:53

1 day ago

Yvonne killed it!

2 days ago

It was funny but I didn't laugh till the Linus getting pegged bit. lolol

2 days ago

but where is alex?

2 days ago

Sorry Linus, Luke and James are my favorite.

2 days ago

I fucking love this.

2 days ago

Riley killed it.

2 days ago

I wish Nicky V could have come...

2 days ago

After 2 weeks and rewatching it 5 times I gotta say...'s still pretty damn funnyXD
I'll probably come back every time I want some more WAN Show after The WAN Show...

2 days ago

this should be a thing they do every year

2 days ago

I love the amount of inside jokes that make us, the audience, feel special for understanding them.

2 days ago

weeb roast

2 days ago

Yvonne rock !

2 days ago

ok i think dennis killed Yvonne killed the cats

2 days ago