Roddy Ricch - Out Tha Mud [Official Music Video] (Dir. by JMP)

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Roddy Ricch - Out Tha Mud
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Directed by JMP @ualreadyknowJMP
DP Mike Koziel
Produced by Cosmo Orlando
AC Brett Arndt
Steady Cam Luke Rihl
Gaffer Dimitrios Christoforidis
Key Grip Adrien Nieto
Edit by Nick Jandora & JMP
Color JMP
PA Nick Jandora
Talent Provided by E Millz Ent


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2 weeks ago

Hey bby 😘

1 hour ago

Love your music my bro

My bro just comin up

2 days ago

love u Roddy.....straight from 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲.

3 days ago

This look like one of them Gta music videos

1 hour ago

whoever posts the "you will be rich and successful" comments your, mom's a hoe

5 hours ago

The video production is over the top

6 hours ago


7 hours ago

Where the Lil tecca X Roddy ricch at?

7 hours ago

Anybody keep coming back to watching this over & over again or am I the only one ?

9 hours ago

Natural biches I'm like fuck make up shit slaps.

10 hours ago

Owners of Airbnb: 😡

11 hours ago

"Damn that boy aint take not one sip out that cup"😂😂😂😂😂

12 hours ago

I got so many bands im the cashier

13 hours ago

Yeh bro ! Fuck all them haters

13 hours ago

We need some money man and roddy ricch

14 hours ago

He reminds me of lil durk

14 hours ago

Visuals 💯

14 hours ago

smh sound like 2005 remix

14 hours ago


15 hours ago


16 hours ago

this my favorite song rn

16 hours ago

♿ yessir

16 hours ago

🔥🔥 NEED that new mixtape/album

17 hours ago

I was here since 22k subs before you even hit 1mil views on my momma

18 hours ago

Rip hellcat

18 hours ago

Cadê meu mano shaodree p deitar nesse flow kkk

18 hours ago

shaodree é um bosta

13 hours ago free money

19 hours ago


19 hours ago

0:14 when you fuck with that weird ass black nigga name joseph

19 hours ago

Dat beat slidin

19 hours ago

Can't stop bangin my head up and down this song straight fire man 🔥🤟

20 hours ago

Fucking fire

21 hours ago