Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood

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Published: 5 months ago
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More info that was promised-
What is likely happening is that the sharks can smell the blood but it's just not in a quantity that is interesting to them especially since they don't love human blood that much (btw, I spoke with a marine biologist and mammal blood is all the same from a chemical marker stand point so cow blood is a suitable substitute for human blood). If I did the experiment again, I would want to test human blood vs. fish blood.

This is the most definitive study done to date in a control lab environment on what is least and most interesting to them: The Biology of Sharks and Rays Peter A. Klimley and Steven Oerding; ISBN-13: 9780226442495. Particularly pages 134-140. Figure 6.7; Table 6.2


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Summary: I've always wanted to test if sharks can really smell a single drop of blood in the water from 1 mile away. So I went to the Bahamas in shark infested waters and set up an experiment to get to the bottom of things.

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7 hours ago


8 hours ago

The sharks were hanging out near the boat because they were expecting them to drop scraps of fish, like fishing boats do. That influenced the outcome of the experiment.

8 hours ago

He somehow managed to make the shark look cute when he started petting it

9 hours ago

Disgusting tho

9 hours ago

So I can lose 1.9999999999999999999 liters of blood you say

11 hours ago

So um, how exactly did you get the cows blood

11 hours ago

10:11 sounds like a Minecraft button sound effect

11 hours ago

11:57 is sooooo cuteee

11 hours ago

No that was probally cause there smart and they thought it of a trick

11 hours ago

Anyone else notice the Minecraft button 4:34 5:16

P.S don't worry i noticed LiquidOats post

12 hours ago


12 hours ago

Try a piranha

13 hours ago

Ah yess, a wee lad working for NASA

15 hours ago

Just a question we’re the hell do you tubers find this stuff like srslycows blood ????

15 hours ago

The only sharks you have to worry about eating you is great white and bull sharks they eat anything they see 😂:edit: that's only if they haven't eaten anything yet tho so still you don't have to worry that much because every shark and animal will eat you if it's hungry they aren't just out there to kill humans they're just trying to survive

15 hours ago

Thank you for your endless amount of detail, even down to the use of the Wilhelm scream

16 hours ago

I don’t think u should do that

18 hours ago

This is a white person thing

19 hours ago

Want to see how would this experiment turn out with the Great White

19 hours ago

Sharks detect electromagnetic fields, that's why they were attacking the camera so much.

19 hours ago

I'm very disgusted.

19 hours ago

Me: * sees thumbnail *
My brain: “ this dude wanna die? “

19 hours ago


22 hours ago

Brave Wilderness : THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE

1 day ago

Super interesting experiment! If you ever wanted to follow up with another one, test if they prefer electrical activity over blood. Sharks have electroreceptor cells allowing them to sense conduction around them. Maybe it could account for why they stayed near the boat for so long before following the blood trail? Anyway, kudos on this great idea!

1 day ago

This was made on the same day Grant from the king of random died in a para-motoring accident

1 day ago

He. Got. To. Swim. With. Sharks.
I'm so fricking jealous right now, you have no idea

1 day ago

Great vid.
In the end, most sharks are carnivorous wild animals, so it pays not to get completely blasé.

1 day ago

Sharks eat human with blood......Bruh why are you still testing it HUH?

1 day ago