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Published: 2 months ago
On this episode of Style Out There, our host, Connie Wang travels out into the world to interview the adults who participate in Disney-bounding. This unique fashion subculture pays homage to classic Disney characters by imitating their looks in new ways. Press play to explore the group of adults who build their lives around Disney World!

In fashion, what's seen on the streets is just as important as what goes down the runway. R29's Style Out There takes a look at the drastically different subcultures around the world, examining the myriad influences that color what we wear — and why.

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How do you feel about adults dressing up like Disney characters? Share your experiences with cosplay with us below!

2 months ago

Whatever floats their boat, I dressed up as Vampirina when I went to Disneyland and no one said a word (course I look super young for my age lol)

11 hours ago

+Angela Brown TWD or Game of Thrones?

1 day ago

Disney is lame.

1 day ago

Refinery29 I think it’s fine as u don’t dress up as Cinderella

3 weeks ago

I think it’s fine if it’s not super inappropriate.

1 month ago

I thought It was Weird i Had like 7 different Mickey things and then When the questions went by i was like o.o

2 hours ago

I love this!!!!

4 hours ago

wow, I love these types of videos.. keep them coming pls !

6 hours ago

I really don’t think we’ll ever see any gay main characters in a Disney princess movie

8 hours ago


13 hours ago

I would try to do something like this but
1. I dont live anywhere near a disney anything
2. I can still dress up i think (under 15 right)

21 hours ago

Disney to kids: come in!
When they adult: get out

23 hours ago

I really wish you would have mentioned Leslie Kay, who started Disneybound

1 day ago

It’s not hard to understand and it’s a reasonable ban...

1 day ago

The adults dressing up could be kidnappers

1 day ago

Answer to the titles question... Character integrity. If an adult dresses up like a character they can be mistaken for a character performer. They could do something like drink, cuss, or act out of character and that is how the children would then see the character. Character performers at Disney aren’t allowed to act out of character in even the slightest way. They CAN NOT break character EVER. So if someone who looks like a character performer breaks character it could mess up the integrity because in Disney land/world Disney and it’s characters are real.

1 day ago

So cringe

2 days ago

I’m just happy to know that all these trips probably got written off as a business expense

2 days ago

Everyone is ugly

2 days ago

good for them!!it's hard to feel like you belong, and to find that place is pretty special. :)

2 days ago

That reporter is so condescending

2 days ago

This is such an unnecessary video.

4 days ago

This is a cynical look at people having fun, being silly and living their best life

6 days ago

I’m 23 and my wish is to go to Disney some day.

6 days ago

Also did you know that Cinderella's iconic ballgown was actually silver/white?
It only turned blue when she was in the dark

6 days ago

I’m from West Virginia toooo that’s cool

1 week ago

ahhh i spot stephanie styles

1 week ago

I grew up in West Virginia too! It was amazing! Disney was my life!!! 💕

1 week ago

i have never gone to Disney idk how people. Do That. like it’s one company bro how???

1 week ago

who else came here from safiyas video? ❤️🤣

1 week ago

Heather lang looks like a older purple haired jenna marbles. Right?😂

1 week ago

That was a great reportage, loved it even though I am far from cos-playing, enjoyed it a lot!

1 week ago

Hang the FUCK on. Dumbo was released in 1942. A song in Aladdin called a practice in the city ‘barbaric’ in 1992 and the next year the lyrics were changed, and Mulan which was shown to depict the current diversity was only released 5 years after that. In fact Pocahontas was only released 3 years after Aladdin, 2 years after the lyric change, so to claim that strong female ethnic characters weren’t around in her childhood if Aladdin was is some buuuuullshit

1 week ago

14:42 Percy Jackson is technically a Disney book. Nico is the prince of the underworld. He is gay and is dating Will. He is the first gay Disney prince

1 week ago