The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

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Published: 10 months ago
This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, I don't think it's a great value.


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Which smartphone should I switch to next?

10 months ago

Galaxy S10 plus smashes this phone hands down ! You can watch youtube or netflix and minimize the screen still watch YouTube or Netflix while doing other stuff on the phone check and send messages surf the web ect ect

1 week ago

Wait for Google pixel 4 🔥

1 week ago

Oppo find x

1 month ago

Pixel 3

1 month ago

Note 9 4 sho

5 months ago

It doesn't matter what they call the new iPhone it's still a piece of shit iPhone.

6 hours ago

I’m just waiting for the 11 to come out then I will buy this one

6 hours ago

Yo! I’m still running that sweet sweet Samsung s3. That baby is still going strong 💪🏼

8 hours ago

I'm getting a iPhone 6s in silver 64 GB on my birthday can't wait!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i know it isn't an iPhone X or anything but at least it is an iPhone!!

10 hours ago

@Ali I'm not getting a plus but thank you so much!!!!!!! Yeah I'll probably end up getting a 128 GB even though i was trying to get the 64 GB

6 hours ago

@jaymee's life!!!! Ye silver is as easy as space grey most of the time to find so you should be good! They are mainly 32gb or 128gb so you'll end up with 128gb lol :)

Amazon has a crazy sale on the 6S plus 128gb right now if you wanna hint at anytime before that sales gone (uk sale only sadly)

7 hours ago

@Ali so I'll have a pretty good chance that i could still get an iPhone 6s in silver??!!!! Since you said after September and my birthday is on the 19th

7 hours ago

@jaymee's life!!!! Hmmm, its a hard one :( i work in phone sales right now and in the UK most phone stores are running out completely. If you're looking for a phone contract it might be gone vs just buying it out right, that might have a better chance. New iPhone pre orders will be happening during your birthday and the new iPhone will be out before the end of September so really an iPhone 7 may be dropping hard in price by 23rd Sept.

7 hours ago

Well my birthday is on September 19th will that be enough time??

7 hours ago

Great video, to be honest I think the iPhone 8 and 8plus have some of the best deals out there. Its only a year behind this iPhone Xs, has a very powerful CPU and GPU while looking great. I see the iPhone 8s go for around $300.00 and up, used.

11 hours ago

Babbled wayyyy too much for first half of video (:

14 hours ago

Actually the iPhone XS Max won’t overheat during extreme use, which the note 10plus and the one plus 7pro are, watch videos. iOS is so efficient and works so well with the software code that the iPhone doesn’t get above 40° external temperature, and it averages around 37-39 (directly over the processor at that), again this is during extreme use. That’s super impressive, and no Android can do that, even the Note 10 Plus and One Plus 7 Pro have and issue with this, they get very very hot; so much so that the system starts giving out warnings. The iPhone shooting 4K video for 20 min straight never got above 39-40°, that’s fuckin’ insane. And if you’re gonna ask who would use their device like that? A lot of people nowadays, I stream PUBG using Omlet and Twitch directly from my phone, that takes a ton of processing power, and there are tons of males and females nowadays doing the same. Not to mention shooting amazing 4K videos for long periods of time, I believe the estimate is 3 and a half hours straight.

There are a ton of features that the iPhone and iOS have that still kill modern Androids (like the Note 10 plus for example). So if anything the battle is even for Android and Apple for now; it just depends on what kind of use each individual user requires from their device.

Me personally, I prefer having a phone just as fast as the latest androids, but my iPhone never gets hot.

Btw, the iPhone XS Max is my very first iPhone and experience with iOS, they both have pros and cons, but if you go super in depth, they basically balance out, except iPhones don’t get hot, while Androids do. I have been an Android user from the beginning, before that I had a sidekick (which I absolutely loved btw, it was amazing for the time). I am by no means an Apple fan, just switched from the OnePlus. I am super pleased with the performance of the device and operating system, I’m only 3 days in to having my first iPhone, so I’m not trying to hype up Apple, in fact the very first Apple product I ever purchased were the AirPods2, I was using them with my OnePlus. The iPhone performs way better with AirPods (obviously), and in my opinion the AirPods are the absolute best wireless headphones in the world right now, the microphones in them are also amazing (I constantly receive compliments on how well people can hear me during video calls).

It all comes down to what you need from your device, not everyone is a power user, and not everyone can afford that power any way. But this right vs left, red vs blue, republican vs democrat shit needs to stop.

Do more in-depth testing as well, instead of just app loading speed and whether or not apps are staying in memory, we have thousands of these test videos already, do something new and more in-depth; just like the individual that found out how cool iPhones stay during intense use.

The icing on the cake; is that iPhones also hold their resale value, androids usually don’t


17 hours ago

iPhone SE >>>>>>>>> Every other phone

19 hours ago

I’m watching this in my Tesla apple car Xs Note Max +

1 day ago

Hugh Jassole please don’t be flipping any coins around me

5 hours ago

I got a 350 dlls discount from the phone company, I sold my iPhone 8 Plus for 400 dlls and just paid the difference to get the XS Max, there's always a way.

1 day ago

This guy is fucking annoying

1 day ago

it looks disgusting though

1 day ago

Talking too much and why do we need to bother about your thought.

1 day ago

Because having a different opinion to base your judgement off of is always a good way to balance your decisions.

1 day ago

Thank you so much uncle Lou, I finally left the iPhone cult and upgraded from a 6s to the mate 20 pro and I couldn't be happier. I got screen and features out the ying yang. Bang bang android gang

2 days ago

@Sabrina Adam Apple isn't trash, it just doesn't compare to other phones. When you move away from that ecosystem you find can finally enjoy things that apple used to do decently, but now it's 100% better

1 day ago

@jovan tan I have been missing out on so much lol I feel like I'm finally in the 21st century with features and customizations. Plus apple cameras are trash unless you're paying the 1k.

1 day ago

Android gang! Welcome bruh

1 day ago

There's Indian and Chinese phones for $150-$200 that shit on the iPhone.

3 days ago

0:16 🤦🏻‍♂️

3 days ago

iphone xr 🙂✌🏼

3 days ago

Thats great how ihave not buy it

3 days ago

Nitpick, it’s all you’ve got left.

3 days ago

I’m still kicking my iPhone se 5 years down the road but that’s fixing to change I’m gonna go today and get a xs max it’ll be a huge upgrade because all I do is my phone weather it’s ft I massage yt fb Netflix and way more point being I have like 42 hours screen time this week alone on this one

4 days ago

My uncle has iphone 5s and he didn't care about new phone

4 days ago

Don't forget androids stop working app.

4 days ago

Does i phone xr worth to buy ??

4 days ago

note 10 should be your next device to use for a few weeks. even thought the screen 1080p what really matters is battery life and that the phone does what it should. im holding out for next year iphone 5g. much as im like samsung the issue is that their updates are confusing. wile apple side least u know alot more about the update and u can help improve it more.

4 days ago

I almost wish I was as addicted to phones as the rest of you weirdos. I only remember mine exists when it rings (it's a Galaxy S8)

4 days ago

Stitchpuppy01 then why you on YouTube?

4 days ago

so why say don't buy it?

4 days ago

Nah I got the 10max an it’s lovely flexing out here

4 days ago

Silver chest unlocked

5 days ago

Is it okay if i upgrade my iphone 5 to xs max?

5 days ago

Galactico Celestial ok

2 days ago

Wait for the new iPhone or get the note 10

3 days ago