Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

Генерируем линк для скачивания, подождите пожалуйста . . .

Линк для скачивания сгенерирован.

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After many years using MacBook variants I've made the switch to Windows. I've used every version of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that have been released. My current laptop of choice is the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon / Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.Turns out switching from Mac to Windows isn't as painful as I expected.

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Are you using Mac or Windows?

1 week ago


1 week ago

mac. since 2005

1 week ago


1 week ago

Mac fn

1 week ago


1 week ago

everything was going well until you said "Windows is not that bad" You are really an ignorant. Anyways you are not engineer i dont expect you to understand.

2 minutes ago

0:41 sums up of why anyone buys apple. "because it's Apple" when in reality, crApple is shit

16 minutes ago

I switched from a macbook to a Huawei Matebook X pro...I don't regret it but the only thing I miss is not hearing the fan noise 10 mins after using it

1 hour ago

You should remove the intel sticker from your laptop

1 hour ago

Thinkpad masterrace reporting.

2 hours ago

it’s been a long time since I ditched apple and moved on to surface. MacOS is very outdated compared to windows 10. Surface is superior in all ways. Awesome that you are finally woke!

2 hours ago

I made the switch from MacBook Pro 2010 to the thinkpad x1 extreme. Glad I did for all the reasons you gave, but especially the keyboard.

2 hours ago

So: TL:DR, you don't like the MacBook keyboard and you don't actually use a computer for much of anything that you couldn't just do on a phone or tablet.
Not exactly the highest bar.

3 hours ago

i was expecting to hear about performance, graphics etc and not about the keyboard lol

3 hours ago

Still using my MacBook Air and is just good !

4 hours ago

I have macbook pro 2017 usb c to problem to connect power or hdd..until now cant use this..usb c..fucking macbook pro..

7 hours ago

My Macbooks have always started acting weird after a few months. I had first gotten a MacBook Air then switched to a new model of MacBook Pro but either started glitching or blacking out

8 hours ago

I consider to get carbon X1 as my photoshop and graphics designing powerhouse...

9 hours ago

Yeah, but would we have really liked the Lenovo if we hadn't checked the MacBook Pro first? Granted, Lenovo has really stepped things up. And be sure to double-check if you need Thunderbolt.

11 hours ago

coil whine ?

11 hours ago

Happening on my spacebar key 😞
I don't plan on switching due to Mac proprietary software, but I really hate that we have to put up with this. I even liked the keyboard's feel, but of course Apple had to screw it up
Sadly, I've experience just as many issues (different issues) on my windows 10 machine.

11 hours ago

Louis Rossmann covered these problems. Basically you're using the keyboard wrong.

12 hours ago

Organic advertising for this laptop. I think he got paid a lot to promote the thinkpad . His main point was the keyboard 😂

12 hours ago

This is a no brainer for anybody with a brain.

13 hours ago

Now try Linux

13 hours ago

this retard is hilarious.... facepalm

13 hours ago

Not installing Linux on Thinkpads is a shame!

13 hours ago

Just use Linux lol

13 hours ago

Louis would be proud.

16 hours ago

Lou please, the button placement isn't weird on the thinkpad. Gotta give the pointing stick a try (thumbs on those two trackpad buttons, index fingers on the little red nubbin, use that for mousing around)

Supposedly a lot of people swear by it and say it makes it faster to navigate

17 hours ago

Welcome to 21st century.

18 hours ago

I use Ubuntu and it’s just amazing

19 hours ago

I did the switching 2 years ago. All things in Mac can be translated into Windows.

Follow this:

Apple music -> Spotify
Safari -> Chrome all the way
iCloud -> Google Drive
iMessenger -> WhatsApp all the way
The only thing which is a bit hard to move on is the Note App. But I manage to survive with OneNote.

Congratz! Now you have plenty of windows devices choices from cheaper ones until the more expensive ones.

Also, go switch to Android. It is better for your future.

22 hours ago

What background is that?

23 hours ago