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Published: 2 months ago
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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17:44 can we just talk about how Logan is fiddling with a leaf??

28 minutes ago

8:26 when logan beats his meat

1 hour ago

It’s funny how Hayden is laughing the entire time after he slaps the guy. That kid is a piece of shit and no one realizes it.

2 hours ago

So much "pressure" loool dude admitted Logan paid him off

2 hours ago

J-just.... SpEEcHlEsS

3 hours ago

8:50 bruhhh 😂😂

5 hours ago

Logan: I don't think I'm gonna hurt him that much!!
Hand: 😎 are you sure?

7 hours ago

It’s funny how they have to discuss how bad it’s gonna hurt well it IS COMMON FUCKING SENSE IT HURTS OKAY IDIOTS

7 hours ago

This is what happens when your parents are fucking mental retards and raise you wrong this is the dumbest shit ever why can’t you use your fucking brain for once ID LIKE TO PUNCH THE SHIT OUT OF YOU LIKE THAT LOL

7 hours ago

Don’t do it

8 hours ago

Sub to pewdiepie

8 hours ago

мне так жалко этого парня в 14:50 сейчас расплачусь

9 hours ago

8:50 who's ass is that??

11 hours ago

Omg logan is that strong thats scary

13 hours ago

Ok this guy doesn’t know how to lie how does he know that Logan Paul was suppose to hit him for the slapping contest then he said he doesn’t remember why he is here and that his memory is blank

15 hours ago

Did anyone notice his James Charles t-shirt

16 hours ago

You took the right decision bro

17 hours ago


19 hours ago

Im 😥😥😢😢😭😭😭

21 hours ago

He just had to slap the cheeks at 8:52

23 hours ago

Whut the hell

1 day ago

Lmao pussy dropped out

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

Marchal Eriksen wants to know your location

1 day ago

Why didn't the big guy slap him first?

1 day ago

Another rich stupid kid gets show

1 day ago

How much do you pay your opponent?

1 day ago

age restrict ............

1 day ago