bunny's first birthday party

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Published: 2 weeks ago

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21 minutes ago

KeRMit Is EaTiNG the cAndLe

1 hour ago


bunny @ the pool: aww dude really no way

5 hours ago

My Dads, nephews and uncles birthday was June 8th! Happy Belated Birthday Bunny

6 hours ago

bunny is such a sweet little baby 😭😭😭😭💕 her smile makes me cry tears of joy because she’s such a sweet girl

9 hours ago

I felt like real excitement and joy when Bunny went down BOTH sets of stairs!

9 hours ago

This is so incredibly endearing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

10 hours ago

That opening shot of Bunny and then Kermit crying.... literally GOLD, 10/10, I loled -- quality content

12 hours ago

somewhat relevant, but in my reccomendations, your video "We bought a house" popped up. I misread house as "horse", and was like "this really how they chose to announce they adopted bunny, huh"

12 hours ago

I love your long horse

14 hours ago

What kind of greyhound is bunny???

14 hours ago

I just love seeing two yellow banana's trot by in the background at 8:21 <3

15 hours ago

"Bunny is the best out of all the dogs in the pool"
Marbles: 👁👄👁 am I a joke to you

16 hours ago

My face got wet when peach splashed...

17 hours ago

Julian plops cermet in the water cermet freaks out in his mind I hate u Julian must go to land Julian gets closer oh no must go why change my direction oh I found land Julian tried to kill me

17 hours ago

It is so awesome to see her open up and love and trust you guys. Your hard work is definitely paying off.

17 hours ago

Love the cute little plants on bunny’s cage

17 hours ago

My birthday is also June 8 cool

19 hours ago

This is so pure I’m crying

21 hours ago

This was so wholesome. Happy late late late birthday Bunny!

22 hours ago

They are eventually going to have too many dogs to celebrate all of their birthdays in June

1 day ago

Put a piece of your clothing or anything that has your scent on Bunny's bed so she will want to lay on it. Love you guys and your puppies!!!

1 day ago

If anything I would love bunny to save me from drowning.

1 day ago

They need mermaid floaty vests (petco)... they even have Triton ones for the boys

1 day ago

Bunny is one of the prettiest dogs I think I’ve ever seen. She’s got such a sweet temperament.

1 day ago

aw Bunny looks so happy

1 day ago

Cement got fucking tooked into the pool

1 day ago

every. single. year. I sing along for the dogs birthdays, I know them like I know my own critters' birthdays... this year I giggled my way through it because she's just too much. Happy birthday Bunny!

1 day ago

on bunny's birthday we we at a party because it was our first communion after the ceremony we went swimming

1 day ago

i have the same type of dog you have except mine is a dark brown and my dad loves to bother him by getting a toilet paper roll and makes barking noises my dog growls at my dad and bites the paper roll its so funny

1 day ago