Keith Eats $500 Of Gourmet Cheese

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Published: 1 week ago
There's no food quite as goud-as cheese! Watch Keith eat his way through $500 worth of gourmet cheese! 🧀

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Jason Louis, Cheesemonger @cheese2meatU
Kelsey Darragh: @kelseydarragh
Becky Habersberger: @becksmecks2
Lauren Hill: @lauren.a.hill
Grace Helbig: @gracehelbig

Special thanks to Bon Vivant for providing the cheese!
You can visit them at:

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comment  Comments

I need that tv series about snowdonia and the ruby mist

35 minutes ago

We all know Keith now has to eat a Chick-fil-A sandwich and compare it to a Popeye's. WE NEED TO KNOW professionally WHICH IS BETTER!

1 hour ago

Great, when keith actually likes the food it makes all the difference. you should make a gourmet series: cheese, dried sausage, caviar, champagne. I would be here for that.

3 hours ago

keith says the italian cheese is romantic
Me:*happy sounds*
(im italian)

4 hours ago

Thank you Keith for the shout out to Portugal

8 hours ago

I wouldn’t mind see a Chili’s Eat the Menu or PF Chang’s

9 hours ago

I freaking love Keith when he tries food.

10 hours ago

I felt super bad for Keith the entire time... he ate all this cheese for usssss?! Next time, just do a cocktail episode or something!

11 hours ago


11 hours ago

that editing tho

12 hours ago

Wine. gets you tipsy, gets people involved.......aaaannnd Australia can participate JUST SAYING just saying.

18 hours ago

Does anyone else really like cheese and is suffering cuz you can't eat the cheese. I'm actually gonna die. My mouth is watering and I just wanna eat it. I feel Kesley. I feel for her. But I also wanna be her. Cuz she's eating cheese

18 hours ago

When he said cheese fucks me up

I felt that

18 hours ago

The only kind of blue I want in my cheese is blueberries.

19 hours ago

Is it sad that I hate cheese?, because I could not have milk and so I never really had much of it

19 hours ago

Keith looks like he's high on cheese.... 🧀

20 hours ago

I could watch keith and kelsey eat cheese all day

20 hours ago

Kinda upset the cheese dude said all the other cheeses names in the language they are supposed to be said in but then pronounced Gouda wrong...

21 hours ago

Quality Content

21 hours ago

i'm just wondering what was under his toenails, I've never really had anything under mine so i'm curious now

22 hours ago

Keith: “Thank you Brie”

Me: “You’re welcome”

22 hours ago

Keith eating the Brie: “that’s one of the most intense things I’ve put in my mouth ever”

Me: 😏😏😏

22 hours ago

I speak on behalf of the African American community that watches your videos ( the 10%). Please try and compare all fast food chicken sandwiches popeyes included lol.

1 day ago

Nanny McBrie returns

1 day ago

I thought that was ..americas .. Cow ! Lol 😂😂😂

1 day ago

I wish you would do eat the menu of Buffalo Wild Wings... and rate all the flavors

1 day ago

Mmm now I want cheese. Y'all should try Mango Habeñero it's soooo good. And please let next eat the menu be a little bit better for Keith and not make him sick lol

1 day ago

Experts in cheese? Wisconsin checking in!

1 day ago

Lactaid missed an incredible ad opportunity...

1 day ago

Boo stop eating us

1 day ago

Why do I find him so funny? I can't stop laughing.

1 day ago