10 Things Goku Can Do That NO Superhero Can

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Published: 1955 days
What can Goku do that no Marvel or DC Superhero can? 10 Things Goku Can Do That No Superhero Can! Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/wMuSDD

As the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, Goku is obviously going to be special. He has superpowers and characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the Dragon Ball universe.

Sometimes when a character like Goku is endowed with numerous powers, audiences can find it difficult to feel invested. After all, what challenges could really happen to an all-powerful being? Maybe that is why they gave him the ability to fight and defeat an alternate timeline version of himself. Writers also made sure to include powers that are not necessarily complementary to Goku. For example, Goku, online Marvel or DC superheroes, does not come from riches.

What else do we know about Goku? He can hover with their tail. He can die on command- whether that is good or bad has yet to be figured out. Let’s not forget that Goku can both turn into a false Saiyan power state and access the Saiyan power state. That is impressive. Also, his special ability to summon Zen-Oh is a much sought-after power in Dragon Ball.

With new characters continuing to be introduced into the franchise on a regular basis, and Dragon Ball continuing to add new episodes, Goku’s claim on being the only one to wield some of the powers might not last forever. We hope that he makes the best use of them all while he still can. But, as of right now, even with as long as Dragon Ball has been around, only Goku can lay claim to these ten superpower traits.


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