Jason Whitlock thinks Cam Newton has made his last start for the Panthers | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Published: 5 days ago
Jason Whitlock discusses the Carolina Panthers quarterback situation, claiming that he thinks Cam Newton has played his final game as the starting quarterback of the Panthers.

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Jason Whitlock thinks Cam Newton has made his last start for the Panthers | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Will Cam Newton start again for the Panthers?

5 days ago

@KyleL2 well its been 4yrs or so.

1 hour ago

We hope not

4 hours ago

@michael seward yes you kinda did. You bringing up bress as if it's the same situation we have here in carolina. Bress is one of the best ever.. no way kyle allen would take his spot or any other QB for that matter. But Cam's spot absolutely.. Cam had a few good years. It's over.

8 hours ago

@James Warr did i compare the two. I did not. Come on.

19 hours ago

Nope. Not if they want to keep winning.

20 hours ago

Well, Cam is a Great Quarter Back.
I do think when he got hurt, you could tell something was wrong.
I do think when he's better he will be back. And with that fun loving Passion he has.
Kyle A. Is good, but not Cam.
If anything draft the kid from Clemson, Trevor Reese. Then were OK. But I do love me some Cam Newton... Love his smile...

54 seconds ago

Super perceptive commentary by guy in the light blue jacket.

6 minutes ago

I see alot of black people talkin pro cam because he black not because he good. Cam a white dude they be let that mutha fucka go!

10 minutes ago

Cam is done like yesterdays turkey.

12 minutes ago


21 minutes ago

These guys are fu..kinf idiots cam is a joke and a clown he has not been hurt for 8 years cam is 0 and 8 last starts unbelievable oh cam is greatest ever😀😂🤣😃😃😎😉😀😀😀😀😀😀🤣🤗😥😥

33 minutes ago

Cam is just overrated.

34 minutes ago

As a Panthers fan I honestly hope so

41 minutes ago

All yal talking abt his fumbles, bt how many wins does Allen have this season compared to CAM. EXACTLY

44 minutes ago

Whitlock are you going back to drew brees if bridgewater continue to win?

56 minutes ago

I'd love to see Cam in a Steeler Jersey

1 hour ago

I think it's a Saints situation at a younger age 💯 Cam is the man for this team💯 When he returns he'll be healthy in the post season 🔥💯

1 hour ago

Send Cam to the Dolphins....They need some help...

1 hour ago

Bucky is so racially motivated in all his arguments. White quarterback, bad. Black quarterback, good. There's a reason this dude doesn't have a job in the nfl..

1 hour ago

Cam is a diva, a basket case, and a cancer. He showed his true colors with his college shenanigans. He’s always been a D bag. He’s not a leader. He always looks to make excuses and throws others under the bus. He has a big ego for a guy who hasn’t done squat in the big boy league. Let him go join Krappernick and cry about how he can’t find NFL work because of “racism”. As if it has nothing to do with the fact that he hasn’t grown as a man or a QB, and has shown he isn’t a leader or a winner. It’s always someone else’s fault according to Camille 😂

2 hours ago

These guys are idiots lmao everytime I watch clips of this show to give it a shot I'm reminded of why I keep deciding I dislike it

2 hours ago

I don't follow the Panthers, so pardon me, but Cam has shown his ceiling, so move on.

2 hours ago

Let's call whitlock Uncle Ruckus

2 hours ago

Cam is the black Aaron Rodgers with no Love & he has to play good ALL THE TIME nobody says how tough my guy is or how hard he work Buh if he lose he needa go, in that kase Aaron Rodgers needed to go with McCarthy & Big Ben should be gone after this season. 😂Cam goes 6-2 plays better than ever gets hurt & “oh he’s washed”... Ight. 🤦‍♂️

2 hours ago

Whitlock,doesn't like Black NFL Player.!!!!, He's a hater and is undeserving of a seat on any sports show.....!!!!!

2 hours ago

Kyle Allen is playing well managing the game as a #2 legitimately give us a very good chance if cam is out for a good portion of the season to reclaim the nfc south. The Panthers should've been the only undefeated team in the nfc right now and they are not even in full swing approaching the midway point so I expect us to finish the season off strong ready for the playoffs.

2 hours ago

Jason whitlock is a clown...pure and simple.

3 hours ago

A blunt tho?? Really

4 hours ago

Kyle Allen is literally just giving the ball to mcaffery for dear life to score and that’s basically it......

5 hours ago

The defence is carrying right now so Kyle Allen is not under ANY pressure wait until the D starts slipping up and he needs to keep scoring and scoring he will slip up

5 hours ago

Regardless they are winning with Kyle Allen. U don't change that up.

5 hours ago

Carolina needs to trade Cam for Philip Rivers

6 hours ago

These guys are idiots. RR does not let emotions get in the way of his decision making, especially if those choices can really backfire and put you right back on the hotseat. Carolina is winning right now and the ball movement on offense is so much smoother and consistent with Kyle Allen then it was with Cam especially in passing the ball down the field. With that being said, if RR makes the wrong move and throws off the flow that's currently been created by Kyle Allen and WRs and go back to losing, I think Tepper will have no choice but to take matters into his own hands and bench Cam and potentially fire RR at the end of the season. Point is Carolina is winning and to suggest putting Cam back in when his chemistry with the rest of the offense is probably guaranteed off, I think that would be too big a risk even for RR to take. I say continue with Kyle and see where it takes us for the time being.

6 hours ago

Newton needs to go he sucks

8 hours ago