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Published: 3 months ago

With the release of Kindergarten 2, we had to take a look back on the game that started it all. There are lots of ways to go in Kindergarten - if you know what I mean. Crazy janitors, students with lasers, and so much more. Today, Austin is focusing on one particular means of elimination - Nugget's poison nuggets! We want to know the secret ingredient! Today we will analyze this meaty delicacy to figure out the dangerous recipe!

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detergent and milk.


42 minutes ago


13 hours ago

a good friend of mine was hospitalized for a while because he spilled nicotine on his hand while making vape liquid

15 hours ago

I love the myles powers shoutout! I love his videos

18 hours ago

I was thinking deadly nightshade

2 days ago

7:45 oh o o o ho ho oh ho ho oh

3 days ago

nugget made this poison after watching this video

4 days ago

>Average Weight
I sense a flaw here.

4 days ago

5 days ago

You forget that we see what the nuggets are made of in game


Unless those monsters in the basement are made of benzo or charcoal it wouldn't be nicotine

5 days ago

Food cans in abandoned houses are indeed, GROSS

6 days ago

5:48 - 5:57 so cute!!!!!

1 week ago

Don't freeget about Groundhog Day.

1 week ago

nugget could just hang outside the towns local courthouse to collect cigarettes or even outside of a mall since those are ALWAYS full

1 week ago

Damn I missed Austin doing videos

1 week ago


1 week ago

What were the odds... I actually started my 1st day stopping cigarettes. Then somehow come across this. Thanks for the help!!

1 week ago

I was very excited for this episode of Nugget Theory.

1 week ago

Its poison

1 week ago

One question though, if that’s all it takes to give someone nicotine poisoning, then how can people smoke one or even two packs of cigarettes a day? This isn’t me trying to poke a hole in the math. I’m sure there’s an explanation. It just confuses me a bit

1 week ago

Wait.... is that dandruff in your hair or just pixelation doing you over?

1 week ago

Did anyone else I think this was a regular video but then started really focusing on the poison FBI please don’t come to my house

1 week ago

Dear Austin
What is the music title that you used at the end of video and do mind if used that music at the game that I am going to develop?

2 weeks ago

"Please don't poison people" -Austin 2k19

2 weeks ago

Doctors don't give you snake venom? Play bit life bud!

2 weeks ago

I have an incredibly stupid way of remembering the chemical compound that is cyanide, but I came up with it during a rambling and fairly boring chemistry lecture.

"Cyanide and Happiness is a cartoon. Cartoon Network can be abbreviated to CN. The result of cyanide poisoning is pretty objectively negative and therefore the charge of cyanide is negative for ionic compounds. CN-¹"

The lecture was pretty long. . .

And not about cyanide, specifically. . .

2 weeks ago

Ok ok ok... Who is this guy and were is mat pat?

2 weeks ago

Just drink milk for an antidote

2 weeks ago

Err... food?

2 weeks ago

WTF!? He is a murderer!

3 weeks ago