5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party

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Published: 5 months ago
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5 Min Crafts: Watermelon Party

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Cody Ko


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1 hour ago

🍉 Who’s coming to my 2020 summer watermelon party? 🍉

16 hours ago

I’m watching this in winter...

18 hours ago

Its like the fan video actually was porn and after he ends up just bangin both of those girls HAHAHAH BRO YOU MISSED THAT JOKE OPPORTUNITY IT WAS RIGHT THERE😂

20 hours ago

Patrick Bateman is gonna be pissed when he sees the mess you made in his kitchen.

1 day ago

Watermelon party sounds kinda dirty

1 day ago

it phisicaly hurted when he threw away those pringles, i love them but i never can buy them bc they're so expensive where i live :'')

1 day ago

It looks nice too. 😂

2 days ago

You are like danny gonzalez.. but worse

2 days ago

Damn its hotter in alabama in the summer than l.a

3 days ago

13:55 i spit out my food because i laughed so hard

3 days ago

Fuckin Kelsey got involved in a man's craft bruh...

3 days ago

new shirt there Cody?

3 days ago

i cant get over how actually good his dumbass watermelon songs were like?? he makes the fuckiest shit sound fire

3 days ago

No joke. That song slaps

4 days ago

That's my gig

4 days ago

I've heard of a lemon party... Don't know about lemon parties? Worth a Google...

5 days ago

lemon party

5 days ago

When it’s hella hot so you decide to wear LONG PANTS

5 days ago

'Let's get into the watermelon stuff...."

I thought I was on the wrong tube site 😳

5 days ago

there should be a pornhub link for thus video

6 days ago

Cody sometimes looks like a taller person’s face photoshopped onto a midget’s body

6 days ago

this is genuinely one of my favourite videos on youtube

6 days ago

The unequal fight of MAN and watermelon got me to the edge of my seat, I mean, God, isn't it RIVETTING?

6 days ago

It was so adorable how happy he was to have successfully opened the melon with a karate chop.

6 days ago

That looks familiar

*nuts instantaneously

6 days ago

Damn Cali got nice mellons!

6 days ago

The Ikea fan and ball sweat air!


6 days ago

The musics at the end are actually dope af

6 days ago


1 week ago