Reassembling our $40,000 Camera

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Published: 6 days ago
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We took apart our VERY expensive RED camera.... and now we have to put it back together.

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Proof of reverse engineering at area 51 project Derp!

1 hour ago

your accountant must be so happy!

2 hours ago

New shop space\equipment video, and this uploaded within a relatively short time span of each other. Coincidence? I think not!

2 hours ago

Linus could have just labeled it PUZZLE and sent it to Chris Ramsey to have it reassembled

4 hours ago

this is the scariest video I have ever watched

4 hours ago

Camera filming this: Scared camera noises

5 hours ago

Linus is making way too much money... for this video to even exist, or that there was a need for this video.

6 hours ago

Water cooling such magnificent piece of engineering was a very, very, very dumb idea. 🤦🏻‍♂️

7 hours ago

Where are the temps tho?

8 hours ago


8 hours ago want to say something about this Linus

9 hours ago

You got scammed... The reports are all over the internet. Go to NoFilmSchool to check it out.

10 hours ago

"summer break just started" bruh summer break is almost over

13 hours ago

LINUS AND EVERYBODY ! YOU ALL NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT THE RED SCAM !!!!!! There using cheap off-the-shelf components for there mini mags !!!!!

13 hours ago

Why didn't you pull the MiniMag apart? Oh....Nevermind...

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

Will you address the red minimag scam?

16 hours ago

Have you seen those vids about the mags being bullshit yet?

16 hours ago

I would shit my pants if I would do this with my RED :D

17 hours ago

This thing will eventually give if they keep doing this.

18 hours ago

Don't bother with liquid-cooling the whole thing. Just cool the sensor with peltier, and then cool that instead.

20 hours ago

I'd be scared to touch the hardware lol

20 hours ago

I think linus should watch this video. It's about those RED Mags that he buying for thousands of dollars!

20 hours ago

riddle me this Linus, why in the HELL are you going to do an image quality comparison when you're water cooling it? it's not going to look any better or worse

1 day ago

Linus, what are you throughts on this,
Red using 480GB SSDs and selling them as 512GB SSDs.

1 day ago

Hey LTT, thoughts on this and part 2 ???

1 day ago

Can't wait for Linus to drop it

1 day ago

Oh I've been in that situation a lot. Worse thing than reassembling something that can only fit one way, is building your own prototype circuit from scratch, calculations and all #Computer&ElectronicEngineer

1 day ago

I know they have outward-facing 3D camera's, but watching this, I am now wondering, if they have inward-facing 3D camera SYSTEMS (I am thinking, you would need at least 4; front, back, left, right and top)... Would be cool if Linus had this kind of setup for when he does stupid sh!t with $40,000+ products and needs to put things back together. ;) He would be able to pan and zoom and virtually see every angle to where stuff goes.

1 day ago