14-Year-Old PRO Fortnite Gamer Sceptic | The Next NINJA?

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Published: 2 months ago
14-year-old Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski is ALREADY a pro Fortnite gamer!

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comment  Comments

Wow it’s some kids dream to be popular at school this kid gets homeschooled because people were following him

1 hour ago

He DROPE school and now he plays fortnite for a living 😂😂 kid gonna end up broke when fortnite doesn’t exist no more

2 hours ago

I just wish my parents were that supportive of me wanting to stream

3 hours ago

More views than football get tae Falkirk

4 hours ago

I know how everyone is saying the same comment 10 hours on chair ten min on a treadmill. But this is one of those times that I’m ok with it

9 hours ago

I play for 3 to 4h

10 hours ago

I'm 14 and I have a laptop and an Xbox I wish I could be a gamer but it's so much money. Like if agree

10 hours ago

This guy must be SOOOO good

11 hours ago

Ninja is trash and sceptic too. Mongraal is the best and doesn't look like a ten years old

11 hours ago

He's 14 he looks nine lmao

12 hours ago

lol good luck working at mcdonalds in the future when the job drops

13 hours ago


14 hours ago

I have a lot of money but my parents say no vbux and my friends prank me all the time about gifting me a skin OwenRosecreek friend me if u want to gift

21 hours ago

When the child probably makes more money than the parents

22 hours ago

I can’t believe im saying this but

I like his schedule

1 day ago

Ur trash

1 day ago

His parents would buy him the best stuff which makes him sound kind of privelaged not gunna lie

1 day ago

How did his parents by him all of that plus in my family not I person knows what GFULE is,also I asked them if I could get a pc and that said not guna happen

1 day ago

He's wearing yaesys

1 day ago

5:47 this kid sounds so stupid I hate it the way he talks

1 day ago

The way he talks is so annoying when he says HEY WHATS UP GUYSSSSS

1 day ago

This kid is a sweat if he never gets off and his kills are not impressive, there are lots of fortnite players who have done them kills

1 day ago

I’m sorry he is not 14

1 day ago

His sign “thank u epic :) “ him this game is trash

2 days ago

Why does his voice sound like a 8 year old

2 days ago

JoHn CeNa oF StReAmErS

2 days ago

He looks like he hasn’t had any sleep in 4 days 😂

2 days ago

Sub to me

2 days ago

I love 💕 IKONKI

2 days ago

He’s 8

2 days ago