Joe Rogan | The Harsh Truths of Operation Paperclip (NASA & Nazi's) w/Annie Jacobsen

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Published: 6 months ago
Taken from JRE #1299 w/Annie Jacobsen:


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She looks like “Lisa Ann” if she would’ve had a normal childhood. Hahaha

35 minutes ago

she literally cannot get thru 3 mins without mentioning her book... how much damn money do u need????

54 minutes ago

God her voice is so annoying.

2 hours ago

Scientists are gonna science. If a socialist gives all of the country's ressources and effort for scientists to science, they're going to science even harder. I'm neither a fasicst or a racist, but if a crazy person gives me alot of ressources and slaves to make all of my projects come true, I'm not going to say no. Also, most of the people on the manhattan project were jews. It doesn't fucking matter who pays the price and who does the science, what matters is results. Your podcast was made possible by people like Werner von Braun and Albert Speer. Either go back to the stoneage or thank the nice old man for the internet. Schindler also was a nazi, before he realized he was on the losing side. He saved a 1000 jews (he put them there himself might I add) to save his own ass. He didn't save the communists, the gypsies, the homosexuals or the otherwise "defective". He saved the one people he knew were somewhat important to the Americans and the British. that's why it's called Schindler's list and not Schindler's sudden change of heart. It's called opportunism and it's just human nature.

3 hours ago

Yall have never seen a nazi with eyepatch?

4 hours ago

The show id "Hunting Hitler" and is awesome!!!!!

5 hours ago

Its not only Argentina. Some came to my own country - Brazil.

6 hours ago

The man in the high castle

8 hours ago

I had never even heard of this. I was always told that all of the Nazis either killed themselves or were sent to the Nuremberg trials. This isn't even a conspiracy -- it's literally on the CIA's website.

14 hours ago

Great interview 👍

15 hours ago

Operation Paperclip = UFOs

17 hours ago


17 hours ago

“What do you have like four million viewers”
“Something like that”

Lol, Joe is a true Mac

19 hours ago

I mean I dunno, how does this girl know any of this shit? She's young as shit & obviously wasn't around back then, so how does she know any of this for certain?

20 hours ago

After watching this, it should come as no surprise that the EU is a continuation of the third reich. Look up Walter Hallstein. First chairman of the EU and a legal advisor and close confidant of Hitler himself. They seriously allowed an inner circle nazi preside over an entire continent. Wasnt that Hitlers goal all along, to unite Europe under one government?

21 hours ago

Its just a voice you geeks

21 hours ago

Ha joe does a good accent

1 day ago

22:36.....joe grow up.

1 day ago

The woman lies so much. Her asshole is jealous of the shit that comes out of her mouth.

1 day ago

epic interview

1 day ago

People you are only 5 to 10 hours away from knowing truly about the cause world war 2
Myths about gas chambers.
Myths about blitzkrieg.
Myths on the Soviet's army retreat. There's no excuse for not investigating their taught story

1 day ago

This jewish woman is a decoever.

1 day ago

Joe how can you spew so crap. With the internet how could you not objectively research what Hitler was saying in his speeches

1 day ago

Why so many here just wanna bang this woman

1 day ago

Why is she breathing so heavy

1 day ago

That wasn't a very good Mongorian accent, Joe.

1 day ago

His German accent killed me.

1 day ago

so can some one explain to me why the us is kow·tow to Israel

1 day ago

If you wanna know more about the duelling thing google "Mensur". In Austria and Germany there is something similar to fraternities called Studentenverbindung. They duell to this day!

1 day ago

Natzi perfected mind control and control of the mass. That’s the number 1 thing US picked up from them and admired about them. We are controlled in everything we do, think, and feel and we don’t even know it, that’s how good they are.

1 day ago