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Published: 1 week ago
I hope I won't regret making this video lmao...

I'm talking about the much anticipated Kylie Skin (coming May 22nd) and why you should NOT buy at least one of the products. Watch to the end to see what my thoughts are on the walnut face scrub, and what better dupes and alternative products are out there!

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LMAO you had me at WTF is you doin 😄

2 hours ago

Walnut shells are used to clean brass.

Band Hack: use the scrub to wash your tubas

2 hours ago

Keep grinding ...I hope you grow as big as James Charles !!!New subscriber !!!!❤️

2 hours ago

I bought the ordinary because of you. I am happy that I discovered this brand. My skin is already smoother.

2 hours ago

People will buy because it's Kylie but if you really think about it, what does she knows about skin? She pays top $$$$ for her face. She doesn't care for our skin. I'm sticking with my The Ordinary line. NEXT!!!

3 hours ago

Physical exfoliating is all not the best for those of us prone to hyperpigmentation.i read it can actually increase it

4 hours ago

Oh well I am going to buy it so idc

7 hours ago

Can you review Keeva organics?

7 hours ago

Thanks for spreading the knowledge! ❤️ such a simple, positive video. Easy to understand and learn! 🌸

10 hours ago

How do u do ur hairstyle

10 hours ago

From her videos about the skin care.. it just seems like a line that was quickly thrown out there. No deep thoughts about it .. no real passion. Idk, I just didn’t feel the passion when she talks about her skin care line.

11 hours ago

This doesn’t make u a billionaire dude! Lol

11 hours ago

You should do a skin care review about Clinique skin care Products for acne

13 hours ago

OMG , i love ur videos sooo much , can you please do a dedicated video on the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation and what products do you recommend for my oily skin , thank you❤❤❤

13 hours ago

i got noxzema and aloe vera for under 10$ at CVS and it actually does wonders for my skin, don’t pay over 100$ for a half ass skin care line without doing your research, everyone’s skin is different so her stuff wouldn’t even work on a lot of people

13 hours ago

kylie doesn’t even use her shit she got fillers and plastic surgery, I feel like this skin care line is just an extra cash grab like she’s a billionaire she didn’t have to do this.

14 hours ago

Isn’t “microtears” what we want to achieve with micro needling?

14 hours ago

So there was absolutely no need for you to post this video .
It's finely milled walnut scrub, you should at least try it before you make sh*t up.
I love that you people make up your own theories.
Again. Exfoliating is to be done once or twice a week only.
Skin care specialist! !
Try it first. Or at least look at it.

15 hours ago

4:05 I don’t know much about skin care but I know it’s not good to use facial scrub daily.

15 hours ago

This video needs to be on trending lol

16 hours ago

Love you Hyram! Great video as always ❤️

16 hours ago


16 hours ago

why hating on Kylie’s brand? i think Kylie skin is amazing - the packaging the scent the amazing ingredients i’m super excited to buy all and have Kylie’s amazing skin she looks so young and fresh

17 hours ago

I recommend the Dermologica Microfoliant 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I have acne prone skin and dark mare and this helped a lot along with the Mario badesco glycolic toner.

19 hours ago

girl ur channel gonna blow up i feel it 💓💓

20 hours ago

You cause micro incisions which causes millia as the skin gets broken and then as the skin heals it traps skin and causes millia

21 hours ago

Scrubs are shocking for your skin anyway. I really great AHA with BHAs are so much better. Even a foaming cleanser is not good. A really nice glycol based cleanser with antioxidants

21 hours ago

can’t spell Kylie without lie

22 hours ago

I. Dont. Really like. Kylie. Barley found out who she was yesterday

23 hours ago

I'd, do you so hard.

23 hours ago