The History of my Hair

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Published: 1 month ago
So many haircuts in a reasonable amount of time

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Jaiden: sees hairdresser


23 minutes ago

can you make mro plushies?

31 minutes ago

Jaiden: You are never more than three kilometers away from a Jaiden hair
Me: You are never more than three kilometers away from a Daisy (my dog) hair

54 minutes ago

Oh wow lost my comment

Thanks for no likes 😃

1 hour ago

"You're never more than three kilometers away from a Jaiden hair."
Me, who has long hair: whelp, at least I can pin the blame on Jaiden when it comes all of that hair on my floor

1 hour ago

Wow, I live in Missouri far away from Jaiden, and I am always 3 kilometers away from a Jaiden hair according to scientists! The More You Know!

1 hour ago

Your not supoesed to wash your hair with shampoo with colored hair

1 hour ago

You have to bleach it first then color it

1 hour ago

for the moment I have very bright green hair and goddamn is painting your hair a pain in the ass

1 hour ago

Face I didn’t see it ever

3 hours ago

Jaiden I've been peirced by a cat whisker before

3 hours ago

I’ve been pierced by hair!...yeah ;-;

3 hours ago

Jaiden:you’re never more than 3 kilometers from Jaiden hair



4 hours ago

This video is scarcely relatable

4 hours ago

My mother's a hairdresser too!!!

4 hours ago

My parents just did my hair and there don't work at a hair salon we would just do it in the bathroom or kitchen and I like my hair

4 hours ago

Jacksepticeye? Is that you in 4:16?

5 hours ago

The best hair cut of mine it's bald

6 hours ago

I’ve had hair pierce me before-
I’m glad I’m not the only person who has experienced it.

7 hours ago

Me: lives a continent away. google maps: Warning! Jaidens hair 3 kilometres away. Me: HOW!?!??!???!!!!!!!?????

7 hours ago

"At least one of you had colored hair."
Me: Sweats nervously

9 hours ago

I've been pierced by a hairstrand on my left foot
Except the strand was tiny and most of it was dug into my skin
So it really hurt whenever I walked barefoot on anything

10 hours ago

I feel you girl. Unless I straighten or curl my hair it is very very very VERY Frizzy and thick. I keep my hair up most of the time bc if it 😂😂😂

11 hours ago

5:34 is that a snom?

11 hours ago

210 looked painful

11 hours ago

I have gotten pierced by a hair more than i can count. I cant count.

11 hours ago

The edgey jaiden on the front tho......

11 hours ago

Thanks, but I'm gonna keep my virgin hair~

12 hours ago

Jaiden is coming for Lauren’s hair color

12 hours ago

Jaiden I literally drew it

12 hours ago