Ninja Vs FaZe Jarvis (Fortnite 1v1 FACE To FACE)

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Published: 1 week ago
Me and my Little Brother FaZe Jarvis met Ninja for the first time and he's a big legend and great guy! Jarvis played games with him for charity which you can check on Jarvis' channel! I want Ninja to Join FaZe Clan! Imagine FaZe Ninja

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وش يقولون

2 hours ago

FaZe Ninja ?

3 hours ago

Jarvis vs xaloty

4 hours ago

Jarvis qualify for the world cup
Fraser:yo that's insane bRo

5 hours ago

Please do a 31 min video

8 hours ago


9 hours ago

الي عربي لايك

11 hours ago

ya gotaga

11 hours ago

Not even ninja

11 hours ago

But das not ninja doe

12 hours ago


16 hours ago

Hay k

17 hours ago

I just think it’s cute how Kay is so supportive towards Jarvis thats brotherhood at it’s finest

20 hours ago

That is what I do when I see a bullet

22 hours ago

He is a BOT

1 day ago


1 day ago


Faze Kay - That’s insane

1 day ago

This dudes at ninja’s house saying I think ninja’s here

1 day ago

Can I join FAZE clan

1 day ago

That’s not ninja

1 day ago

So this is where the legendary picture was taken

1 day ago

Still not better than sway

1 day ago

Thats crazy man!!!😂

1 day ago

Я русский

1 day ago

Omg ninja vs Jarvis

1 day ago

Ninja is not better then Jarvis ninja is nothing

1 day ago

And tht's how I knew Jarvis and you
With the video of gotaga when he was playing with Jarvis ninja...
Because I'm French
But No I'm watching all ur videos

1 day ago

Is ninja in faze

1 day ago

1v1 ninja

1 day ago

Pause at 9:55. Ninja looks freaky

1 day ago